Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slow Cooker Recipes!

Are you in the mood for some Chicken Nachos or maybe you want to come and make a mess with me?

Last night I made Chicken Nachos which were a recipe shared on the Slow Cooking Thursday of last week, so I added the recipe to my food blog including pictures and all that fancy shmancy stuff.

Right now, I have a Triple Chocolate Mess in my kitchen....well in the slow cooker I should say, but it never felt better to be the actual Mess Maker in the house, for ONCE.


What are you waiting around here for, go and get the recipes and make them for your family. I'll have a review on my GREAT crockpot tomorrow, during the Slow Cooking Thursday which I hope you didn't forget about.

Oh and I even redid my template, hope you like it :)


  1. The chicken nachos look so very yummy.

    I think I will beg Sam to try a variation with ground turkey and roasted jalapenos.


  2. The chicken nachos do look really good. I bet you're having the best time with your new toy.

  3. Those nachos look SO good! Thanks for sharing the recipes.


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