Monday, February 04, 2008

GIANTS.....Spring Cleaning.......Goodies!

First and foremost I have to tell you that I was never a huge football fan, I do enjoy sports and as you know during the Soccer World Cup I'm ALL over it. but I keep up with sports and had been watching the build up to this thing I was hating was Tom Brady's arrogance and attitude and for that alone I had already started pushing towards the Giants but then on Saturday after I met Jason Bell, I really became a GIANTS Girl, so yesterday we gathered around the tv and watched an AMAZING game.

It was just unbelievable, especially the last minute, OH.MY.GOSH.....we were at the edge of our seats sweating it LOL But that last TD was just a beauty, the kids were jumping up and down with their signed footballs in their hands, it was pretty funny.


Anyway, I just spent the day cleaning the house and gearing up to start my Spring Cleaning. I know I know, it's one of those jobs that you don't really want to get into but after you're done it's so rewarding and SO worth it to see a decluttered house.

I found the easiest way for me is to have a checklist so that I keep track of what I'm doing and don't feel overwhelmed, there's nothing worse than deciding you're doing this and then looking around the house not knowing where to start first. So here's the checklist I'm using:

I'm sure I'll add more things to it as I go along, like the kids toys that seem to multiply into a million pieces, then there's the sad ones with missing legs and arms but if you go near them and try to throw them out, you get your child's sad puppy eyes "But this one is my favorite" RIIIGGHHHTTT!

Another thing I want to share with you is this great site called Internet Archive, you can find Audio books and text books online, free to download and read. They even have a wonderful Children's Library that will leave you in awe....I haven't even begun to look through all the available materials there.....but the first one I did download was Anne of Green Gables and The Swiss Family Robinson, go ahead and click on the link to see the book.

But in my browsing around I came across the Chicago Evening American Cookbook and let me tell you, YIPPEE. I downloaded the free copy and love it.

A book of practical recipes for the housewife. The pages which follow were compiled with a view to dependable recipes.
Grateful acknowledgment is hereby made to more than 13, 000 housewives, ready and willing to contribute their favorite recipes and thereby help to make this cookbook possible.
So I started browsing through the 294 pages it has and a lot of things caught my eye like, Household Tips on keeping flowers alive longer, cleaning piano keys, removing stains etc. Then it starts with the recipes but boy oh boy, was I in for a treat. This is an old Cookbook, dated to 1908 so it talks about pasteurizing milk......I mean, who knew? I certainly don't know how to do it but I'm very interested in how it was done.

The recipes are great too, Russian Tea....Oatmeal Bread....Popovers....Cheese Souffle....Gnocchi....and the list goes on. A true treasure I tell you, it even includes menus in the back.

As I sit here, there is thunder outside, loud booming thunder. I love it, the kids on the other hand tend to cringe at the sound, but when you've lived in Africa with the unbelievable Thunderstorms, you don't fear it.

This is what the sky looks like, now bear with me, this is straight out in front of my back door, see the almost cloudless sky and the bright hot shining sun???

Now turn to your left, yeah, that's it, just turn, don't even take a step anywhere, just turn around and look at the sky. What a difference huh?

It's heading towards us and unlike others who get frustrated over the rain, I'm the lady jumping up and down with glee. I don't know, I just love the rain, I love the smell of rain, I love the sound of it hitting the roof at night and I love seeing how it makes everything look brighter and shinier.

So instead of "Rain Rain go away" I'm chanting "Rain Rain come this way".

I just looked out the window and saw this beautiful Rainbow....

Did you remember to watch Jane Austen's movie last night? It was "Miss Austen Regrets" and I really enjoyed it, it was interesting learning a bit more about who the author was, what she liked and didn't like, her family and her struggle to make money.....all leading up to her death and the burning of her journals and writings. It was really good, so I'm glad I recorded it for myself :)

I can't wait for this sunday though, one of my favorites "Pride and Prejudice" is playing. Oh Mr him.

In the meantime I started the "Tales from Avonlea" series on Netflix. I have to tell you that at first I wasn't sure if I would like it because when I think of Avonlea my mind goes to Anne of Green Gables and without her I just wasn't sure that I could get into it. Was I wrong!!! This time we're enjoying the story of Sarah Stanley and but even in the first few episodes we get to see Marilla Cuthbert and Rachel Lind so that alone was worth it for me. I'm done with the first DVD and am anxiously awaiting the rest.

With that my friends, I have to get going, I have my Parmesan Chicken in the oven, but still need to go start my rice with green peas and onions. I'll have the recipe for everything up in my food blog later :)

God Bless,


  1. Good Evening Sandra,
    I'm not a Football Fan either, but I did switch back and forth from time to time to see who was winning. And since you had wanted the Giant's to win, I was rooting for them as well. YAY GIANTS. That was a very awesome play that made that last touchdown. It couldn't have been more perfect. When you get thru with your Spring cleaning, will you come do mine? LOL. I know I need to do it, but I just don't have the energy to do it right now. Maybe I'll just wait till Spring actually gets here. LOL. You know where I can open the windows. LOL. I love your list. I may have to print it out and use it myself. Maybe that will motivate me. The Sky is so beautiful all blue with a few clouds. The other clouds looks stormy. I know that is probably where my DH and his Uncle will be traveling thru tonight. They will be on Interstate 40 going thru Arizona coming this way. I have seen where parts of Arizona and New Mexico are under some Winter Storm Warnings. It got up to 72 degrees here today. I had to actually turn my A/C on. LOL. Yep, I sure did. We are suppose to have some really severe and possibly Tornadic Storms tomorrow. That Rainbow you got a picture of is beautiful. I love to see a Rainbow. One of GOD'S beautiful creations. I may have to check out the Online Video and Books. Your Parmesan Chicken sounds yummy. I fixed a package of Chicken flavored rice with broccoli and carrots in it for our supper tonight and heated up some mac and cheese that was left over. It was good. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. I thought of you when I heard the Giants won. I knew you would be happy. Great rainbow picture!

  3. Well..we went to a Super Bowl party with 36 adults and was crazy.
    We are supposed to have awful weather tomorrow so me and Miller are staying home to clean...maybe clean some closets out.

  4. You're right, that game WAS amazing and awesome! We were so excited over the outcome....the Manning family originally was from around here in my neck of the woods, really nice family. So excited for them all.
    How fun that y'all got to meet Jason Bell! Great photos below.

  5. I agree...great game! I only paid attention to the last few minutes which when it made it all worth it. I was glad to see the Giants win too...I guess because my hubby HATES the Patriots. He can't stand Brady.

    How cool you met Jason Bell!

    Enjoy the thunderstorms!

  6. Uh Spring Cleaning ... I'm glad it's summer here !! ha ha !!!!

    I've bookmarked that Internet Archives site and I'm going to head over there to have a good look a bit later !!

  7. That game was awesome. I started out routing for the Patriots,but I just really didn't feel their play deserved to win and I totally agree with you on the arrogance. It's like they couldn't believe they weren't winning.
    That was such a great game- I was totally screaming at the end!

  8. What a great game!

    I hope you don't mind if I print off the sping cleaning list? Maybe that'll get me motivated.

  9. Your storm cloud pictures are so impressive! Right now I actually think I'd trade you some of our snow for your rain and warmer temps. I hope you get to move back here someday. If you do, we really much try to meet.

  10. You know, I was the only one at mom's rooting for the Patriots, which I did because the rest of them were for the Giants. Since none of us are sport fans at all, I figured we could've at least evened it out a little bit!

    I would've liked to have seen the Patriots win, though. An undefeated season doesn't happen very often. You're right though, some of the players were getting too cocky. I suppose they should've humbled their way through the season and the SuperBowl, pride goeth before the fall, right?

    Parmesean Chicken sounds yummy! I still have an entire crock pot full of roast from yesterday, and it's all falling apart now. I hope the kids don't mind having soup for dinner. :D

    Shelby is teasing us about giving us Cody. It broke Kelly's heart! That stupid woman sent Zachary a huge card wishing him a happy 10th birthday. SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW HER KIDS' AGES ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

    She just got out of rehab--again! And is checking herself into a longer-term program because she had ANOTHER relapse. This is why she said she wanted to send us Cody. I was all for it! Believe me, I would love to have that little boy around, especially for Zachary and Joshua. She'd probably never get him back, either. ;)

    Anyways, I was looking through pictures from Kindergarten from Base Primary a few years ago. Jasmine is such a card, we really miss you guys!

  11. Oh Sandra, on Sunday night I was "over the moon." But every time they showed a shot of the sky, in between times of the Super Bowl, I thought; "THAT'S SANDRA'S SKY!!!"

    And a beautiful sky it was too!

    And a beautiful night it was too!

    And I'm was so glad to get your comment, that all of you were "over the moon" too! With Eli's and the Giants' win. Yessss, sweeeet. :-)


  12. Wow those photos are just great! I love how you captured the stormy skies and the rainbow.

    I've printed off the checklist, it might just be useful.

    Hugs n' love
    Sarah xx

  13. I'm with you Sandra... I became a Giants fan this year and I was thrilled beyond belief that they won! It was a thrilling game~
    I love the pictures of your sky.. it reminds me so much of Colorado, where just turning around gives you a different sky. I miss the rolling thunder there too.. Now here in Washington, I HATE the rain. We get no thunder, and just days and days of drizzle~!! Give me a big Thunderstorm any day! I also miss the amazing lightning we would get with a storm. None of that here either.. Keep sharing!
    I'm off to download that cookbook.. it sounds awesome!

  14. Just wanted to say that I really enjoy your blog. I am a die-hard Jane Austen and Anne of Green Gables fan :) I look forward to reading more from you.

    Great pics too!

  15. I have the Tales from Avonlea books and I always enjoyed them. I was not aware that they were on film.

    We were really happy with the Super bowl too.

  16. Sandra,this is the beauty of our country,we can root for some else when want to.Thar t being said I'm glad the giants won.
    I would just love to see my team in the super bowl some time in my life.


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