Hey Blogger, just a thought.....

but do you think you could maybe, just maybe, try using verification words that require normal eyesight and not x-ray or telescopic one ????

See I am a Stay at Home Mom and contrary to belief that we sit on the couch eating bonbons, I'm usually quite busy and sneak in a little blog time when I can, so it defeats the purpose if I spend oh....10 minutes just trying to get the right word combination out? Your m's look like n's....your r's look like I don't know what, so I tend to just go with what MY eyes are seeing, but apparently it's not up to your standard because you keep spitting out my comment and telling me to "Enter the letters as they are shown in the image."

So while attempting AGAIN to decipher your verification word, the conversation between me and Jasmine went something like this.....

Me - Dagnabit what is that?
Jasmine - Mommy that's a M...see?

*I type in blah blah blah M blah blah and enter, wrong........I did it wrong*

Me sighing - that was not a M. Jasmine - Well....that's what it looks like..... Me with my eyes almost glued to the monitor..... - it's an I and a N but it's stuck together so it looked like an M right? I mean that's what it was? Jasmine - I don't know, can I just go back to reading my book now.?

Pffttt, if I could SEE the right words I may get it, but as it is, I usually only get it right after the 5th or so attempt in every single blog I go to that uses these words. See this is affecting mother/daughter relationships everywhere. So please, fix it?

Guess I'll get an email from Blogger saying "it's not us it's YOU". I'm ready for it! Those are fighting words LOL

Now that my vent is out of the way, why don't you come on in, I promise I won't make you verify words to enter my house *snicker*

It's a nice day outside, we're still a little cloudy but it's hot and no rain in sight, which makes it a joy to be outdoors.

Jasmine is home sick today, she's been coughing and was a little warm today, she also complained of a headache and this is a child that LOVES school, so unless she's really feeling sick, she won't ask to stay home.

She's laying on the couch watching her favorite movie "Sky High". She LOVES anything to do with Super Heroes, Justice League and X-Men, Superman and Spiderman, Catwoman and Wonder Woman and all of the above. But she never watches movies alone, the pugs love watching tv with her, so if she's on the couch, we will always find one or both of the pugs with her.

This is Jasmine and Lola, the youngest Pug, she's such a lovable animal, she'll be perfectly content laying in someone's arms all day.

Nicholas is playing on the computer while his sister watches tv. He said she could, he was allowing her to watch her movie, I would just like to know since when has he become the master of the house, the one that makes these decisions LOL

I have never seen a 4 year old that is so good with computers. This child has been around computers and technology since he could walk and he's developed a real understanding of it.

He can turn on the computer on his own, go to the internet, click on his kid websites, play his games....turn them off, go to another website etc.

Before you freak out, we have a blocker on that doesn't allow ANY x-rated or weird sites to show up, so he only goes to the kid friendly ones.

But it's not just that, he has managed to do things to our computers that we have NO IDEA how to do ourselves. Nothing like that to make me feel like an idiot LOL

I'm taking it easy today, yesterday Curt took the kids over to the neighbors for their little girl's 4th birthday party. He knows how much I prefer staying home and having some time to myself, so he always takes the kids for me.

While he was gone, I finished all my laundry, put it all away, changed all the bed linens, swept and mopped the floors and watched "Matilda" on TV. I love that movie, it's so cute.

So today I have a sparkling clean house and all that I have to worry about is fixing lunch, dinner and snacks. Pretty neat huh?

I'm hoping to get some more reading on my "The Constant Princess" by Phillipa Gregory. The first 2 or 3 pages were a little boring for me, but now it's starting to get really good, so I'm excited to watch.

For dinner tonight I'm fixing good ol' spaghetti, garlic bread and a salad. It's easy and it's quick and everyone loves it.

For lunch I'm about to go make some scrambled eggs with sausage, cheese, onion, green pepper and bean sprouts.....I'll make some mixed veggies too. Everything the kids like.

But now I'm heading out, I need to print out some coloring pages for the kiddos so they'll be entertained while I make their lunch.

God bless,


  1. I so agree with you. I've been ready to put out a post asking people to take that off, because it always seems to take me a few tries to get it and I wonder how many times I've thought it went through, when it really didn't. Just a few easily read letters should do the trick. I don't have it on mine and have never had anything wierd come up in my comments. Thanks for letting me vent! :)

  2. LOL Mari, you're welcome to vent here anytime. The whole verification thing drives me completely insane and sometimes it's made me just give up and not comment, which is sad.

  3. oh my gosh...you TOTALLY voiced my opinion on that whole verification thing on the comments! I hate them. That's why I won't put it on my blog comments...don't want to put people through it LOL! I hate when i have to put it in like 3 times cuz i goof it up. Stupid thing!! LOL Thanks for voicing your thoughts on that!!! i couldn't agree more! xoxo

  4. OH...P.S....did you know you have the visual verification thing on your blog comments? LOL

    Love the pics of the kids and I LOVE the movie Matilda too! I love the sweet teacher's lil cottage in the woods! LOL

  5. Yes- lets start a petition to have everyone turn off the letter verification!!!!
    PS- I'll be feeling a little less cranky in about 3 hours when my butter pecan rolls come out of the oven- smiles!

  6. Those things drive me crazy too !! I find that the second time it comes up, after I've not put in the correct letters,the letters are bigger and fewer !! Comment finished ... going to fill in your word verification now ! :)

  7. I just took Hot Chocolate in to my Granddaughter, who's here after school. And I saw the _lovely_ cover of "The Constant Princess." So I said; "One of my Net pals is reading that." 'Cause I remembered seeing the cover on your blog. :-)

    Yeah, I totally hate those Word Verification things. So I turned them off. Then some 'ding-bat' left a comment with click-and-get-a-virus, in my 'Seasons Snapshots. I'd not seen it but some nice guy in Greece saw it and warned me.

    And he suggested I put the Word Verification back on. So, I did. Bahhh humbug...

    You have such cute doggies. Cute kids, of course. But, cute doggies too. Sorry Jasmine is sick again. :-(

    And btw, one of the Grands who is here after school today, has a cold. Her dad has a different one. Ugh... Winter colds and 'bugs.' Ugh...

    P.S. Hahhhhhhhh! Just because you hollered at Word Verification, I'm having to try again! Hahhh ,-)

    P.P.S. And 2nd try went in body of comment. Eeeeeeeek!!!!

  8. That's it, I'm turning my word verification off............this is ridiculous.

    Here I am talking about it and didn't even realize mine was on LOL

    Pot meet Kettle *roll eyes*

  9. AMEN sistah-friend! I cannot STAND trying to figure out those letters! If you've noticed, some fonts are worse than others, but they are ALL difficult! I am so glad I am not alone!

    We just finished up the same dinner as you made! It is one of the very few things all the kids will eat (although Jennah eats hers sans sauce!)

    Jake is off school again today and tomorrow. (Dr said!) He just has a low fever now, cough, and headache -- otherwise he's pretty much back to himself!

    Oh -- and the computer thing? Our friend's son, Edward, just turned TWO and he can already play games on nick jr! He can turn on the computer, get to the internet, click on the right thing to get to nick jr -- it's amazing! He also taught me how to change my Windows icon and he installed a Google pop up search bar too -- eeeegads!


  10. Poor Sandra. While I realize that words verification is very frustrating, I've known many people who have given up on comments and feedback because their systems were overtaken by 'bots' who post endless links to porn and viagra and gambling sites.

    You know, when I was in the military, the youger guys always chaffed at all the rules about wearing leather gloves and eye protection when they knew how to do the jobs perfectly safely. But I tell them, those rules are there because someone already got hurt and they could have been helped if they were wearing that gear.

    I wish you the best of luck, but worry about how much more frustrated you will be when the bots come attacking.

    On to better topics. You can never go wrong with speghetti. That is a household favorite.

    Oh, and I was going to say something about Nicholas' computer savy. We have five year olds who can't do any of that. They can barely play games when someone puts them up for that. But Amaya is amazing. She can't turn the computer on, but if it is on she can open internet explorer and navigate to www.starfall.com to work on her letters. It's her favorite web site and, of all the programs on the computer, Paint is her favorite and she draws all the time.

    Thank you for sharing. It's such a pleasure to come by. I should make myself a cup of coffee and it will be like we are visiting and talking over coffee. :)

    P.S. I started a new blog. http://naturalinquirer.blogspot.com/
    My first entry is a more indepth examination of Carbon Monoxide in meat. It won't change your mind, I'm sure, but you might be surprised about what I found out.

  11. There have been times when I know darn well I've typed the right thing and it still won't let me through. I think they just like to mess with our heads. LOL.

    Wow, you accomplished a lot, Sandra. Want to come do my house? I give you all the coffee you want and need. ;v)

  12. sounds full and rich over there! Just stopped byt o let you know we have gone back to work in our house and another give away opportunity awaits!

    stop by to see what I mean

  13. Gotta love those sparking clean house days! Oh, I can't stand those word verifications either and I just went and looked and I had my blog set up for them! Haha! I just turned it off though, so thank you for making me think of it! I hope Jasmine feels better soon!

  14. I hate those stupid things, I didn't realize you could take them off. I'll take it off my blog too, they drive me SO NUTS.

    <3 <3

    have a great monday :):)

  15. I took word verification off and have only had 1 spam message in ages...lol now I've said that I'll be inundated won't I? Why do they make the words so hard to read. Yahoo is worse, they put a wiggly line through as well, it really is frustrating. Why do they make them hard to read?

    Squidge is fantastic with the computer too, she can use it brilliantly...although she did break Gary's Dad's computer and we are not sure how and she does have a habit of accidentally switching it off too.

    Have a wonderful day, hope Jasmine is better.


    Sarah x

  16. hi sandra. the word verification is ANNOYING...there I've said it! at least we can delete whomever we don't want to comment.. I hope that Jasmine feels better soon and how cute is lola?? I could just sit on your couch all day long and have a pug or two with me!!!! and maybe Nicholas could teach me a thing or two aobut the computer?? that would be awesome..anyways have a great week.

  17. ROFL!!! You crack me up!!! Thanks for turning it off! WOOT! :)

  18. I'm right there with you about the verification printing! You crack me up- thanks for the laughs! Hope Jasmine is feeling better.


  19. Many times it takes me a few tries to get the right letters typed in too! Glad to know I'm not the only one...and you turned yours off! Hope you don't have problems with it.
    That pic of Jasmine is so cute! She looks a lot like you I think.

  20. Thank you very much for telling blogger off for us, Sandra. Don't you love the way, if you get the letters wrong the first time, they come back at you with even harder ones to read? Hmmmph!

    It amazes me how tech savvy kids are now. Cameron is two years old. TWO. And he knows everything there is to know about starting a movie in the DVD player. I think he probably knows more than I know.

    Of course, he also thinks it's OK to stick a peanut butter cookie in the DVD player. Wonder what he thinks is going to come up on the TV screen. LOL

  21. Barb - LOL must be some kind of peanutty show that he wants to watch LOL

  22. I know it is a shameless plug... but I have shared your frustration and linked my post on the crazy comment boxes!
    Love your blog, and will be stopping by regular like!!!


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