Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OH MY GOSH.........LOL

I am so embarassed, I can NOT believe I let that entry go and didn't notice the huge, embarrassing, I want to hide in a corner and never show my face again typo LOL

I don't think many of you noticed but those that did, Cheri and Karen.....buahahahahahahaha

If you didn't notice it Thank GOD, because not until these two lovely ladies told me did I notice that I had typed "it hurts my toosh to s-h-i-t" when it fact it's supposed to have been "it hurts my toosh to SIT......SIT PEOPLE.....sit" I'm such a ditz at times!

So for those that caught it and are probably sitting there ashamed and thinking less of me, I apologize, I am putting myself on a strict Spell Checking Diet. Goodness, I'm so embarrassed but I can't stop laughing either, hubby got a really good laugh out of it.


  1. USA Kiwi7:25 PM

    Hehehe - that just made me giggle.

    I hadn't noticed it.... but it sure did amuse me since you pointed it out


  2. Haha..I totally missed it. LOL


  3. Oh well, we all make mistakes!! Funny though!

  4. That very well might be the funniest thing I've heard in a while !!! Sit people ... sit !! Oh man you are a cack. ( that's Australian for you are hilarious, you crack me up etc ...)

  5. I totally missed it, but you did give me a laugh now! Too funny!

  6. Hey Sandy,guess what I did noy notice the error but than agaun I transpose letters and eve mistype then as well thinking that I typed it right the first time.Mike

  7. Anonymous5:08 AM

    What makes it even funnier is the topic of your post: "I made a mess this morning..." and you go on to describe a chocolate and peanut butter mess, and then candles to make your house smell nice. Waaayyyy too funny.
    Don't be embarassed; be proud!

  8. That's hilarious, Sandra! I totally missed it - if I hadn't I would've realized you made a typo :)


  9. I have to say- I'm still laughing over here. Innocent mistake- don't
    hide in your corner- we'd miss you too much!

  10. :) hee heee

    You bad girl you!


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