Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I made a mess this morning........

Well good morning everyone, see the sun shining through the tree in my backyard? Am I the only one that actually squints when looking at the photo? *snicker*

Anyway, come on in and have some hot coffee, I have to tell you about the BIG chocolatey mess I made and instead of cringing at the thought of having to clean it up, I actually can't wait to shove the mess into my mouth. Am I making you sick?
Cause there's really no reason for it, the mess I made is a good kind of mess, it's a chocolate and peanut butter mess, one that you leave cooking in your Crock Pot the whole day and then when it's done you slap on a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and oooohhhh and ahhhhhh in the corner.

I've made two recipes on the new slow cooker and I'm LOVING it, but I'll tell you all about it tomorrow since it's Slow Cooking didn't forget did you? Hope not, I would have to have to come track you down at your house and type up the recipe for you on your blog, it's just unnecessary work for me you know LOL

Tonight Curt has another meeting at the Housing Office, they'll be doing a lottery drawing to determine our new home. Really? A Lottery Drawing? Couldn't they just give out the houses? I mean I am never one to win anything so this frightens me, what if we get stuck with the cruddy house that nobody wants? No but really, we will probably end up with what we want because we seem to be the only ones that are happy with keeping one of these older houses, everyone else is scrambling for a new house, they even offered us money to trade if we get one LOL

So by tomorrow we should have an idea of where our new house is and when we can move in, that will determine whether we do it this coming week or have to wait until the end of March for it.

I'm an impatient woman, I don't want to sit around waiting, if you give me the keys to a new house, just step out of the way cause I'll move in right away.


Do you like candles? Do you have tons of those little Glade candles around your house, or is that just me? I'm addicted to those, they smell so good, my favorite are Angel Whispers and Clean Linen, so I have them in the kitchen, the living room, the hallway, the bathrooms, my bedroom and even the laundry room and if it weren't weird to society, I probably would carry them around with me too LOL

But there's a downfall to all those candles because once they've run out I used to throw them out and then the other day I looked at the little glass container and thought "Why am I throwing this out, I can use it", so this may not seem like much but now I realize that they're so useful for tons of things.

These I used in the bathroom, one for my random make up that seems to take over and the other for qtips. And it looks cute, I've got a couple more ready to use, I'm thinking in the kitchen, in the office area as a pencil holder, by the front door shelf where spare change tends to show up. See, there's SO many possibilities for these, so next time you have a Glade candle laying around, don't throw it out, wash it well in some soapy water, remove the label and put it good use.

I'm even thinking, some glue and some cute ribbon or ric rac.....


I started exercising yesterday and I'm so sore, nothing like knowing that you're unfit, makes you feel even older. But anyway, last year I got the Slim in 6 Weeks DVD's and resistance thingies ( I can't remember the name), never used it, just completely forgot about it, but recently I started noticing that no matter how hard I try I can't seem to loose weight as fast as before. Yes, another one of those age things......doesn't matter that I've been drowning myself in water and hitting the bathroom every 5 minutes, apparently that alone doesn't work anymore. What to do, what to do?

I got it, bring out the Slim in 6 program, start it and breathe and push through the 30 minutes, realize you hear your heart beating really fast and loud in your ears, but keep pushing through the pain radiating through your thighs and calves because's all worth it right?

So I sit here right now, it hurts to walk, it hurts to stand and it even hurts my toosh to sit, but I'm not backing down, I'm putting on my sweat pants and going right back to doing it again this morning, my weight may be stubborn but I'm even MORE stubborn. Hopefully I start loosing weight soon!

I'm leaving you again with some pictures of the sky. You know how you see the vapor trails from the airplanes? I never really noticed it back in Idaho, but for some reason there's a lot of them here and today it seemed that a HUGE airplane had just gone by, it wasn't this little pin thin stripe of white vapor, it was this fat, wide one all across the sky.

And here's some of our pugs Bella and Lola, they're just so cute.


  1. I sooo hope Kelly reads this, so he'll see it isn't just ME with those candles!!

    I always buy the little bulb-y looking roundish ones, and they make great catch-alls, especially the ones with the pretty plastic wraps that have pictures and the like on the side of them. I keep telling myself someday I'll melt down a few chunks of wax and put new candles in them, but I'm sure we all know how likely that is to happen anytime soon! :D

    Good luck with the new house :):)

  2. Housing lottery is sooo not military. They should issue out houses first come first serve. Military families adapt and make do. It is a strength of theirs. Now they are playing games and it gets everyone riled up.

    Kelly <-- Grumpy old military dude.

    I'm on an anti-chocolate binge. You probably didn't realize people did that :) but yeah, the thought of gobs of chocolate is not appetizing to me. But that just means more for you, right? :)

    Enough negativity, I won't tell you what I think of pugs ;)

    My dad sent us a new computer. It got delivered to the managers office three or four days ago and the manager never bothered to mention it. Something to look forward to when we can get to the office and recover it.

    Sam wants to move to Phoenix now. Personally, I prefer Tucson. I love the thunderstorms they get around Tucson. But, if the money suddenly drops from the sky, we might move to Phoenix. If so, you will get to see the scariest sight. Geeky me with a grizzly beard! We keep cutting it back to make me civilized, but my facial hair is making up for 20 years of being oppressed. :)


  3. Look at those sweet little pug faces ! Adorable !!

  4. Messy chocolate sounds great! Love the pics that you took Sandra!

    I had been walking 4 miles a day, but have been terribly bad this week and haven't done any! Bad self! Hope you make good progress with the dvds.

    Your pugs are cute!


  5. Sandra! (heehee) If you start carrying around your Glade candles, people won't think you're weird--they'll just assume you're on some sort of candlelight vigil!

    Good luck with the lottery....

  6. Good Afternoon Sandra,
    Well, I do hope that Curt wins the big lottery tonight. I have never heard of a Military Lottery Drawing before. Are you sure those folks are human? LOL. The Sun coming thru the trees is beautiful. Hey can't waste any chocolate now can ya? It's not gross and I would have done the same thing. I can't afford to waste anything these days. I'm so glad you like the new Slow Cooker and I can't wait to see what you will be showing us tomorrow. Now you know you want to come to my house and type mine up for me. LOL. That would mean less work for me. LOL. I love Candles. I have alot myself. I have never bought the Glade Candles before. They have always been a bit expensive for my budget. I do buy some Candles at our local Dollar General Store and they are only $1.00. They are not huge ones, but they are in a jar like a canning jar. I have thrown them away, but I think I will start saving them. You could also put Potpourri in them also. I also have a big Candle that came from the Dollar Store and it's in a piece that looks like a small church. They are so neat lookind and the smell of them are just great. Okay, you had me ROFLMBO about the part of your toosh after exercising. I am hurting now for LOL so much. It will take you a while to work the soreness out. The Sky is so blue and those are some huge vapor trails. I don't know if I've ever seen any that big before. Your pugs are just darlin'. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  7. *Waves to pugs* "Hello pooches"

    You know I have a great photos of a con trail in tomorrow's post it's at sunset...I took a few sky photos just for you too! Lol.

    I like the sound of your chocolate mess!

    Hugs, I hope you get the best house of the lot.

    Love, Sarah x

  8. Hello Bella & Lola,:) xoxo,I do love seeing pictures of you it makes me smile *see my smile* maybe Mummy will give a cookie or two from us???Ok. Hi Sandra.I'm glad that you like/love your new slow cooker!!!I can't belive that you have to do a "lottery"..thinking good thoughts.thanks for the blog visit!!

  9. I love candles too - the containers do look really cute when re-used. Can't wait to see your recipe tomorrow - it sounds wonderful!

  10. Hope you get your house soon and get moved in! Can't wait to hear about how the crockpot is doing!

  11. finally some pics of bella and lola..i love pugs, they are so adorable..
    love your sky and tree pics..
    take care Sandra..

  12. Oh I'm loving the re-purposing going on!!!

  13. I like the oils that you put in a burner with the tea lights underneath.
    I have to know: was that a misspell when you said it hurts your toosh to s-h-i-t. Did you mean sit or was that what you meant to type- I'm still laughing over here on that one!

  14. Housing lottery? Wow, I think I'd find that nerve wracking!

    I love the glade candle that is the two different shades of denimy kind of blue. I wish it would say on it somewhere what smell it is as I've totally forgotten. I'll have to go google them now as it's going to drive me nuts. LOL.


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