Wednesday, February 06, 2008

New Template...

I actually like this one too, I wanted a change and this is what I came up with for now.....

Don't have time to post, I'll be back tomorrow with the Slow Cooking Thursday posting and some interesting news on our NEW move. LOL

Haven't been here a year and already have to leave this house.....tsk tsk tsk.


  1. First - I really like your new look. You amaze me with your changes.
    Second - I'll be anxiously waiting to hear about this move!

  2. I like it a lot! It's beautiful and peaceful.

  3. Love the new look ! It's beautiful. A very classic look ! So tell me ... how do you come up with all of these ? Do you create them yourself or do you get them from somewhere ? Is it hard to do ? I love on your recipe blog how you have the boxes in your side bar with your recipes catagorized. How did you do that ?!

    Moving ... fun ! (or not !) :)

  4. Hi Sandra,
    How pretty. I can't wait to here about your next move.Thank you for your prayer and love during this diffcult time.

  5. The new look is adorable! You're so clever.

  6. Sandra! It looks beautiful!!! I love it! You did an awesome job!!! :) I hope you have a fantastic Thursday! :)

  7. Very cute look and I can't wait to hear about your move!

  8. Lovely new template!!!! Oh I so love it!!!!


  9. Love your new look! Best wishes with your upcoming move.


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