Friday, February 15, 2008

Perfect Day to stay inside!

Woke up to this gorgeous sunrise, it's really hard to describe just how amazing it looks in person, the orange and pink spread across the sky gives out this golden glow that just takes over everything, roofs and trees and houses, it's as if God lit a huge candle to illuminate the world. Beautiful!

Today is payday for us military folks, it usually means grocery shopping, paying bills and running errands, so after Jasmine is off to school, Nicholas and I set off to the commissary. BUT we have to make it there exactly at 9am because if we don't then the shopping carts he likes riding on are gone and then we have a cranky, fed up little 4 year old that refuses to cooperate. Here's my thing though, I don't mind getting him the shopping cart, but it's annoying because they waste so much space on the seats and the cool looking kids stuff that you end up with an area for groceries that is about two baskets long. Tsk...Tsk....Tsk.
Anyway, by the time we were dressed and ready to go, the sky was looking like this. No biggie right? I fed the dogs, rechecked my grocery list and headed to the door, opened it and was met with a rain shower. So it's been raining ever since and it's cloudy and cool and just the perfect day to stay inside with a good, oh I don't know......Road to Avonlea Series???

I got another 2 DVD's from Netflix yesterday and I've already watched one LOL I'm just loving this series.

So I'm back home, groceries are done, I'm paying bills online, both the dishwasher and washer are running and we've had our lunch. Not bad for it only being noon.

Jasmine came home from school yesterday with a bag of goodies from Valentine's Day and my first thought was "Oh crud, there's going to be fighting over the candy". But to my surprise she picked out the only Scooby Doo she got and went over to hand it to Nicholas. He was so happy LOL
And here's Jasmine with all her goodies......
And one of her with her straight hair. You all know how she has that beautiful curly hair? Well she's growing up and realizing that she doesn't HAVE to keep the same hairstyle, so lately she's gotten into begging me to straighten her hair for special Valentine's Day at school. *snicker*
I love my girl, she's just so beautiful but it's so weird for me because when her hair is straight like that I see myself in her, like REALLY see myself in her, it's like looking in the mirror. Not that I'm saying I'm beautiful LOL
Believe me, I do not think I'm pretty at all.....see now I'm all confused because how can I not think I'm pretty and see myself in my daughter but thinks she's gorgeous?????? Somebody help me, my view of myself is very skewed LOL

But enough with the photos.....Curt came home from work yesterday with tons of chocolates and cards for me, and not just any chocolate, the Godiva expensive chocolates. I love my man!


We got another house just a few streets above ours. Won't be within walking distance to the school anymore, but that's ok.

It's a corner house, the front yard is huge and we still don't have a fence in the back, but we're getting one put in right after we move in so the kids and the dogs can go out there without us having to be outside constantly worrying about them staying in the area they're supposed to.

But you know what we have in the backyard??? An orange tree! Yep, an orange tree overflowing with big juicy oranges....I think! I mean I know the oranges are there, we saw them but as for the juicy I can't vouch for that yet, but I will soon. *snort*

We move out next friday so it doesn't give us much time at all to get things ready, but since we've opted to move ourselves, we're renting a U-Haul for a day and getting the big stuff in there, the rest of the things we can easily take between Curt's big truck and my SUV. So with God's help and a lot of patience, it will be done and we will be in our new house by the 26th of February. Goodness that's not far away at all.

My posts may become sporadic and may be none while we get cable and internet set up in the new house, but since it's already empty, I am just waiting on confirmation from housing on the actual move in date for us and I'll have cable and internet set up and ready for us. It's always better to think ahead.


I have a huge headache today and my allergies are bugging the heck out of me, so much so that I was walking through the commissary and my eyes were watery and itching and Nicholas yells out "Go away allagies" LOL It was the cutest thing ever.

My kids are always saying the funniest things, so I think I'll start posting some of it every day....a From the Mouthes of Babes kind of thing.

Just this morning I was laying in bed and Nicholas woke up, climbed in with me and started rubbing my back then he notices a mole on my right shoulder and got really confused.....

Nicholas - What's this mommy? This thing I'm touching?
Me (half asleep) - It's a mole Neenee (that's what we call him lol)
Nicholas - A MOLE?!?!?!?!
Me - yes baby, a mole, that's what it's's a mole.
Nicholas - But moles are supposed to live UNDER the ground not on people.

Bwhahahahahahahahahahaha I tell you that woke me up straight away, I've never laughed so hard.

Anyway, I am going to take something for this blasted headache and lay down for a bit. I've updated the Padre Island Shells recipe on the food blog if anyone is interested.

Have a great friday everyone.


  1. That is some lovely weather, and great pictures of it.

    I don't know how you can be confused about how pretty you are when you have such a lovely red headed mirror ;)

    It sounds like you got a good house there. Congrats.

    I remember the best house I ever got on a base started out as the worst. An old cinder block house whose foundation had cracked. You could look between the cinder blocks in one room and see outside. CE had been using it as a workshop and the ground was full of chemicals and metal shavings.

    I asked very nicely if they could do something with the place. They showed up a few weeks later with some big machines and dug up the first few feet of dirt, put down all new dirt, gave me bags of grass seed and patched up the sewage pipes and the house was great from then on out. Still had a view of the back yard through those cinder blocks, but at least it was a good view when the grass came in. :)

    Sam talked me into starting my own blog, but I don't have anything worthwhile to write. I am just posting my old poetry and stories. Pop on in if you want.

    Maybe you can give me some tips on how to make a good blog, you put a lot of effort into yours.


  2. I can't believe you have to move next week!!! Much luck to you!

  3. I just found your blog and it is very nice. My brother and his wife are both in the air force. I love how you do your photo's too!

  4. I'm glad you got an orange tree -- that rocks :)

    That is weird about the "mouth of babes" thing because all three of mine have said something in the past couple of days that I want to post before I forget! lol

    Good luck with the move!


  5. OH wow Sandra & Curt! next week's to a good move.:-)I know I was mia for sct *we had steak for dinner but with the cold here do plan on using our crockpot more...*off to check the recipes from yesterday..have a good weekend..

  6. that was so sweet of Jasmine to share a Valentine goody w/Nicholas!

    So did you get one of the houses in an area you wanted and not the new ones? Hope the move goes well! How neat that you have an orange tree! Yum!

  7. I love the two photos of Jasmine. Did you do the half black and white / half color one in photoshop ? How do you do it ? Is there an easy way to explain it ?

    And you know, when I saw that second photo of her, I thought "Wow, she looks so much like Sandra !" And then I read the paragraph you wrote about her looking like you ! And you are beautiful. But I understand what you mean because I feel the same way with my daughter. I know we look alike but I think she is waaaaay more gorgeous than me !!

    I love that you have an orange tree in your new yard ! I have a lemon tree and a tangerine tree in my back yard. BUT they are growing in pots because we rent this place. We don't want to plan them before we are in a place of our own.

  8. What a beautiful sunrise. I have to tell you that when I was looking at the pictures I thought how much Jasmine looked like you with her hair straight, then I read that you thought the same thing. You are both beautiful, but I know what you mean - I sometimes see pictures of Heather and I think she is cute, but she looks like me and I don't think that about me either. Comfusing, huh?
    How wonderful to have your own orange tree! Hope the packing goes well and if you don't post much, we'll understand why!

  9. Gosh what a full post! The photos were definitely lovely. If you look like your daughter, you REALLY ARE beautiful! Jennifer

  10. Your daughter has such beautiful hair.

    I'm so jealous of your orange tree!

  11. I would love to have an orange tree in my yard. I'm just hoping my apple trees that we planted last fall survive!
    Good luck with the move- that is so much work.

  12. Hey Sandra, would you mind popping over to Sam's blog and asking her to share her writing? She is an avid writer but is acting shy about sharing. I think encouragement from a friend would help out.

    Thank you,
    *hugs* <--chicks can't resist a hug ;)

  13. An orange tree? How lucky are you?!
    The sky you woke up with , is what it looked like here tonight when the sun went down. Weird..... I will have to take a pic of it next time!

  14. Yummy that dish sounds good and something my family would love.

    Another move already. Wow. But an orange tree certainly makes up for it in my mind. But then I'm not the one having to pack up again. ;v)

  15. Aww I hope that your headache goes and that your allergies do GO AWAY! :) Also praying that your move goes smoothly.

    And you are beautiful...but I know how you feel I always think of myself as not pretty but of my daughters as beautiful.


    Sarah x

  16. You know, I find myself looking at my girls all the time, trying to see how they look like me. As a matter of fact, Krissy is the spitting image of me and I get a huge kick out of reminding her that she's going to look exactly the way I look now, someday when she's 57. You should see her face when it hits her that I'm probably right.

    I don't envy you the move - but how exciting - an orange tree in the backyard! That means we can look forward to a whole new batch of recipes, using oranges, right?

    Hope you have a nice weekend. I suspect you'll be busy. :-)

  17. Love the sunrise shot, I can never get a good one from my house. Too many houses by us I guess.

  18. Mmm...dinner looks delicious and I loved the pictures of your kids. It sounds like you are going to be very busy with moving. I will say a prayer that everything goes smoothly!
    P.s. I think Jasmine *and* you are beautiful. :0)

  19. Good Morning Sandra,
    Sorry I didn't make it here on Friday to visit. When my DH got home, I wanted to spend my time with him. The Sunrise is just breathtaking. The clouds in the sky are beautiful as well. I seen on The Weather Channel were places in Arizona was getting some snow the other day. That was so sweet of Jasmine to share some of her candy with Nicholas. She is a good daughter and I know you are proud of them both. I must say she got alot of goodies there. Our youngest daughter brought in her goodies on Thursday and even brought her Sister's goodies home as well. Her hair looks gorgeous straightened. I know I have natural curly hair and I would so love for mine to be straight. You are a beautiful woman Sandra. I know what you mean tho, because I don't think I'm beautiful either. My DH always tells me I am and I tell him I'm not. Ohmygosh, those oranges looks so yummy. I can't wait for you to test them for us. LOL. I know already there will be fresh squeezed orange juice for breakfast around your house. We were going to rent a U-haul when we moved back in August of last year, but the price they gave me made me change my mind quickly. I was ROFLMBO about what Nicholas said about your mole. That is just too funny. Kids do say the darndest things sometimes. I hope your headache has improved by now and that you've had a great weekend. I have never had the Godiva Chocolates before. I bet they are very good tho. Your Padre Island Shells looks so good. It's making my mouth water. LOL. And, I'm a big seafood lover. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  20. I wish we had just a little bit of that sunshine here. Sunshine makes me happier you know. The commissary...I remember those days.

  21. That sunrise is so pretty, and an orange tree, how fun!
    Don't work too hard!


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