Monday, February 11, 2008

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Wonderful weekend......blissfully content!

There is something about being out of the house every day, out in the warm weather, the soft breeze that tickles your nose with scents of Pine trees and Lavender.

My weekend was spent outside....OUT, away from the computer and the tv which are our cold weather friends. You know how you tend to stay put in the house, you migrate from a movie to online surfing, or a craft, some knitting or sewing or whatever. But truth be told the minute it gets a little warmer, I swing open all the windows in the house and literally stand in the middle of the hallway with my head thrown back and my arms up to the side. It may look dumb but who cares, no one but Nicholas sees me doing it and he couldn't be bothered to make fun of mommy.....after all, he KNOWS who feeds him and takes care of him LOL

Yesterday was spent park hopping. Oh what rebels we are, instead of bar hopping we go PARK HOPPING with the kids and a wagon in tow. You should try it though, it's a great way to get exercise and the kids love it too.

Here's some pictures from our day out.

There was this swing, this round sorta like a tire swing that we loved but I guess there's nothing like trying to climb on that to make you realize your body just does NOT cooperate like it used to LOL
While I was scrambling to get off the darned thing, I had no idea that Curt was filming it, so here you go, I'm not one to be embarrassed of myself, I'll gladly give you something to laugh about.....

Hahahahahahahaha I have to laugh at the little shriek I give at the end when I thought the tire was coming down on me. Feels good to laugh at myself, makes me remember not to take things so seriously.

It was a wonderful afternoon, we were out from noon to 5pm, I got myself a nice tan and some exercise and I feel great.

The sweet Bonnie asked me how I did my Yoshi video. I used Windows Movie Maker, just added the yoshi theme song that I had on my computer and the photos I wanted to use and that's it. I love messing around with that program, it's so easy to use and I enjoy making little videos of our outings, it lets you add different transitions and titles and effects etc.


Moving on, I have to say a big thank you to all the wonderful ladies who have passed on awards to me, there's SO many, I can't keep track LOL I truly appreciate them all and it means a lot to know that there are bloggers out there who are enjoying reading my crazy posts and my nutty life. So again "Thank you"!

I'm slowly starting to pack the house up again, we would have made great nomads, you never really know where you're going the next month or two. It's frustrating but I'm also up for the challenge, what can I do BUT be up for it, it's not like I can pout and stomp my feet and refuse to move right?
There will be pictures of me and us and boxes and houses....and moving.....and unpacking again and next discoveries at the new house. I already told Curt for Christmas I want a new digital camera because my poor WITTLE one is starting to cry and beg for mercy.

I have quite a big To Do list today:

  • Sweep and Mop
  • Change bed linens
  • Pack a few more boxes for the move
  • Post Office
  • Finish laundry, iron and put away
  • Make Valentine's Day Goodies for Jasmine's Class
  • Sort through kid's toys and clothes, get rid of stuff, pack others for donations

I don't think I'll get everything on that list done, but that doesn't bother me, whatever I don't get to today will wait until tomorrow.


I've posted my menu for this week on my food blog and this weekend I also shared a recipe for the Butter Pecan Rolls which are to die for. A couple bloggers have tried them already and agreed that they are just too good for words.

Tonight I'm making the Chicken Pot Pie again since it was such a hit at our house.



Well my coffee's gone cold which is my cue to get off the computer and start on my to do list, but before I go, here's some interesting bloggy stuff and some more pictures of our day yesterday.

Kelli is sharing some great Valentine Goodie Bags idea, I may just steal them for Jasmine's class since I'm drawing a complete blank on what to make.

Ree of course is in the kitchen, this woman is my hero and she makes me salivate just looking at her pictures on her blog. She's showing us a great meal for Valentine's Day so don't miss out, today she's roasting garlic and I can almost smell it through the computer.

Morning Glory did a post on wedding dresses, she shared photos of her daughters, hers and her mother and grandmother. Beautiful old photographs. Go and take a look.

The wonderful Sarah, shared two recipes, one for delicious roasted potatoes and the other for a Pork Chop Risotto. Yum!

One of my favorite bloggers is Tracey at Notes from A Cottage Industry, and just like me she loves Victorian houses. Well one of her biggest dreams is to have one and she seems to have found the perfect house for her, she even shares all the photos and let me tell you, I am right there with her, wanting to live in it so badly.


Talk about a HUGE cactus, look at the size of that thing!


  1. LOL, what a cute video! Going to the park is so much fun and even more fun when it the whole family!

    We're moving the last week of March. I've been doing a little purging, but nothing to serious! lol

    What a beautiful area you live in!

  2. Good Afternoon Sandra,
    I'm up now from a nap. I still haven't had any coffee today tho. Oh well, I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow and fix some. Your day yesterday sounds so fun and just spending it with your Family is always a good thing. I love the video that Curt took of you in that Swing. Okay, I didn't LOL too hard, because I know that could happen to me as well. I hope that you picked up the 3 Awards that I gave everyone on my blogroll today. We still have some Cheeseburgers and Hot Dogs left for me and the girls for our supper tonight. You Chicken Pot Pie looks very good, but my kids won't eat that. Now they will eat the boxed kind made with beef tho. Wowzer, what a huge cactus. I don't know if I've ever seen one that big before. I do love Pine trees myself. "THANK YOU" for sharing all of your pictures with us. You do take some great pictures. I can't remember if I told you or not, but I love the new look of your blog. You did a great job on it. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  3. Your site is stunning! I love the blue and the ribbon accents. When I come across a site as pretty as this I always wonder how you do it. Do you dish about such things or is it a trade secret? Truely gorgeous.
    I liked the pics of your family life. Very blessed, you are.

  4. Oh man you have to go to the post office. I never ever go. I hate that more than anything!!!! I will adviod it at all costs!

  5. Oh my goodness ! That video of you had me in stitches ! I can't believe your husband was videoing that but I'm glad he did ! It was fun !!

    I noticed your comment on my recipe blog this morning ... BUT I have to tell you, that wasn't MY menu plan ! ha. I know, I have to make things confusing. I have about 9 other ladies who post to that blog with me !! Khrista always does a menu plan too ... and that was hers. Mine is here... not that I mind you commenting on hers, I just thought I'd tell you ! :)

    Oh ... and thanks for putting me in your post ! And for the info on how to make the movie. Of course, I don't think I'll be able to use that program because I have just switched to a Mac !! BUT I'll have to be on the lookout for something similar !

    Have a good day ! Enjoy your sunshine ... it's raining here today.

  6. HI Sandra- Just catching up on my reading. You've been busy! That's something about your upcoming move...good luck! When I first read it here (before scrolling down) I thought you were moving to another state again. Love your photos and little movies. You all look like you have lots of fun together. Take care.

  7. Oh lol Sandra you did make me laugh...but you managed to extract yourself very gracefully...and you looked very pretty too! I must share a picture of me very pregnant getting stuck halfway down a slide, lol, I just wedged and it took 3 people to get me out, so embarrasing...especially as the playarea was marked for children under 12 only! :)

    As ever I love your photos, wow the blueness of the sky really gets me.

    Hope the move preps go well. And thanks for the link my friend! :)

    Hugs, have a wonderful day.

    Sarah x

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Ahahahaha! That video was great! It was wonderful to see you "in real life". Too funny! is so crazy for me to see you all in tank tops etc....we are all bundled and freezing here in PA!!! LOL
    I just saw that pot pie recipe today when i was browsing blogs! It looks fantastic..but we aren't big on the taste of frozen veggies from the bag....can you use canned do you think?? I hope you have a great rest of your week! xoxo

  10. That was great! I'm still smiling-I would have been far less graceful! I loved hearing your voice - love the accent!
    Now you have me quite jealous of your weather- we're getting more snow tonight!

  11. I loved the video too. You were too funny and you have a great sense of humor! Cheri brought me some of the butter pecan rolls and they were wonderful. I'll be making them too!

  12. That chicken Pot pie looks good. Also thanks for the great Valentine links.

  13. Wow, the kids are getting so big! We need to get the families together again, maybe a cross-America bbq :)

    Anyway, I heard there was a video of you stuck in a tire swing and had to come see. :)


  14. Hi Sandra, thank you for mentioning my goodie bags. :0) I saw Ree's post this morning and I've been hungry all day! LOL

  15. That chicken pot pie and those rolls, YUM!

  16. Sandra. I love the video of you that Curt took,I imagine the kids liked seeing Mum on the tire swing :-)Your chicken pot pie looks delicious..just like Mum made.have a great day!


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