Saturday, October 13, 2018

{ Another rainy day - Blogtober 2018 }


Well, another super dark and rainy day.  Both hubby and I were surprised at just how cold it felt this morning, we both had on sweat pants and long sleeves and sweaters.  It was that much of a temperature change from the usual hot weather around here.


Next week we are expecting really cold temperatures, actually close to freezing, and there will be some snow in the panhandle, so who knows if we get some coming our way too.  Seems a little extreme, but that seems to be the normal around here, from one extreme right to the other.


With the weather change, my sciatica kicked into full force, and this time it is affecting my left side instead of my right, which is a bit strange, but last night I was sitting on the bed brushing Marley, and I was a bit twisted and sitting quite weirdly.  I keep forgetting that I CAN NOT sit however I want, like I used to when I was younger.

Anyway, woke up this morning with pain and obviously walking hurts because it puts pressure on that nerve. 

I got the kitchen clean, picked up the living rooms, and did all the laundry, and then popped on the bed with my knitted blanket and worked on it a bit, watched some TV, read a bit, talked with hubby and the kids and just really didn't do much of anything.  With the weather the way it has been, we can't really leave the house to go and do anything anyway, so everyone is doing absolutely nothing.


My boys have been playing computer games together, all day.  They even brought Nick's computer from his bedroom and placed it on a card table, so they can hang out, chat, and have fun.  I love listening to them while they're playing, they laugh so much.

I wish I had done more today, but again, it's been one of those days of just pottering around, no plans, nowhere to go and basically laying around. 

I hope your Saturday has been a good one, or at the very least, more interesting than mine, not that there's anything wrong with a lazy day :)

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