Monday, October 29, 2018

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 10/29/2018 }

Good morning friends, and a very happy Monday to you all :)

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and I wanted to quickly wish you all a wonderful, blessed week ahead.

Let's get right into our HHM, seeing as I'm a little late putting it up this week.   

The weather outside is::::
Ridiculously hot this past weekend, right in the upper 80's.  Again today we are expecting upper 80's and then finally back down to 60's, thank goodness. 

On the breakfast plate this morning::::
I just had my second cup of coffee, desperately need it today as I got zero sleep last night.  It's so frustrating.  Anyway, just had my coffee and two pieces of toast.    

As I look outside my window:::
I can see the trees across the field and they are finally looking like Fall.  I absolutely love when they start turning color and they are a mixture of yellow, orange and red.  Just gorgeous.  

Right now I am::::
Sitting on the couch and working on this post, while I watch a youtube vlog on the TV.  I already did dishes and cleaned the kitchen and threw my sheets in the wash.

As I look around the house::::
I am pretty happy that I don't have much housework to do, other than the usual daily chores.  It is very quiet, just Marley and I are up.  It's also very pretty right now with the sun just bathing the whole house in it's pretty orange glow.

On today's to do list::::

Cleaning....Just the daily chores like cooking, cleaning up, quick toilet scrub etc.
Homeschooling....Nick has another Sign Language Portfolio to do, this time he has to do 3 weather signs.  He really enjoys Sign Language but he doesn't like having to record himself because he is so shy.     
Crocheting and knitting....I am on Part 7 of the Ubuntu CAL which is the joining of everything we've made so far, and I'm loving it.  It also means I am caught up and will be ready for Part 8 on Wednesday.  So happy about that.
Cooking.....I have some egg whites leftover, so I will make myself an egg white omelette for lunch.  Dinner is Smothered Burgers with Sweet Potato Fries.   

Currently reading::::
I've started and have been LOVING Marilla of Green Gables.  I can't wait to tell you all about it, and I will just say that if you are an Anne of Green Gables fan, you must get this book in your hands.  It is so good, so so good.    

On the TV today::::
I finished all 5 seasons of Cold Justice, and have found Cold Justice Sex Crimes, there seems to be only one season, and I only have 3 episodes left on that one.  Bummer.
Next on the list of things I want to watch, aside from the usual Youtube Vlogs, is:

Black Sails - Only watched a few episodes a few years ago
Castle Rock - Haven't yet started
Manifest - New Episode
Hetty Feather - Never watched but it reminds me of Anne of Green Gables and Road to Avonlea

On the menu this week::::
Monday - Smothered Burgers and Sweet Potato Fries
Tuesday - Bacon Carbonara, Salad
Wednesday - Pizza at my brother's house for Halloween
Thursday - Fried Chicken with Milk Gravy, Mashed Potatoes
Friday - Chili Cheese Fries (Didn't make them last week)
Saturday - Barbecue at my brother's house
Sunday - Leftovers

What I am creating at the moment::::
Ubuntu CAL, Part 7, the joining of the big diamonds and the half diamonds.

Favorite photo from the camera::::

Prayers, Inspirational Quotes or Devotionals::::


  1. I need to check out Hetty Feather since I've done Anne of Green Gables way to many times, something similar would be nice - is it on netflix?

    Your menu sounds great and I certainly hope your weather returns to fall like condition quickly! Have a wonderful week!

  2. I actually saw that book in the library last week. Guess I should have picked it up! Sorry you aren't enjoying the warmer days, hope it cools down for you. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. I'll be on the lookout for that book. Have a great week

  4. I've never read Anne of Green Gables but my daughters enjoyed it so need to check it out! I really enjoy reading behind them! Anne with an E is one of my oldest daughters favorite shows. So I may check into that show! Love your crochet pictures! Hope you have a blessed week!

  5. I love Anne of Green Gables! I love the movie with Meagan Follows and have read the entire Anne series by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Someday I would love the visit Prince Edward Island and visit the real Green Gables! Have a blessed week ahead! <3


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