Tuesday, October 23, 2018

{ Fall days - Blogtober 2018 }


The leaves have yet to turn color.  I spend a lot of time looking out the window, from all areas of the house, just trying to catch that first glimpse that makes the bold statement that Fall is definitely here.

The calendar states it's fall, the earlier setting sun and the dark cool mornings all tell us that this is it, but the trees seem to be taking their time making that announcement.  It's almost as if they're holding on to summer and warm days, for as long as they possibly can.

But I'm feeling impatient, especially when there's days like today and yesterday, where it's blue skies and 70 degrees outside.  It just doesn't feel right.


I've decided that instead of waiting for the outside world to bring in Fall, I'll just bring it in myself.  And so I move through the day as if I'm smack dab in the middle of one of my favorite seasons.  Candles are lit as soon as the light starts changing and the day begins getting darker.

I putter around, do what I need to, and then tend to shift between crochet and knit, cups of tea, afternoon baking sessions in the kitchen and early nights laying in bed with a good book, and an extra fluffy blanket.



I made some Oatmeal Jam bars, because I craved something sweet, but mainly because I somehow associate oatmeal of any kind, with the cooler weather.  They're the perfect balance between satiating that sugar craving without being overwhelmingly and sickly sweet, actually they're not very sweet at all.

The best part is that they freeze very well, so I can have a batch in the freezer for future cravings.



Between the knitting and the crochet, I seem to be in a lull of blissful joy.  I found myself sitting on the couch this afternoon, surrounded by balls of yarn in all different colors, as I quietly worked diamond after diamond of this current blanket.

They are not my usual colors, and I'm not exactly sure how it will all look in the end, but as with everything in life, you don't often know the end of the journey until you're there, so, I'm going with it.


While doing schooling this afternoon, I had a knock at the door.  It was my friendly UPS driver with a small but quite heavy box.  I was happy to see it's contents because I had been waiting for a few weeks for these books to arrive.

When I first agreed to review these two, it was not just because I love anything space related, but I thought that my husband and even the kids would love these.  I gave the Space Atlas a quick browse, and I can tell you already that it's fantastic.  Curt had a look through when he came home from work and he said quite a few times that it was a really good book and he couldn't wait to read through it.


I haven't yet looked through the Apollo to the Moon book, but it does seem to be quite interesting too.  A few of you asked about the Marilla of Green Gables book, yes I have started it and yes, it is as good as I thought it was going to be.  I'm looking forward to reviewing it for you all.

You know looking around, I realize that I'm surrounded by things I love, by things that bring me joy, that make me realize just how content I am with my life and where I am. 

Contentment doesn't only have to be about family, even though that for me is the absolute top reason for the joy I feel in my heart, but oftentimes, the things you surround yourself with can and do play a huge part in how you feel every day. 

Books, yarn, family photos, flowers, candles, this and that, whatever you love.  Use it, surround your home with it and let it be the calm in the busy seasons of life.

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