Friday, October 26, 2018

{ Finishing off crochet projects - Blogtober 2018 }


I went to let Marley out last night and was in awe of the moon.  It was not quite yet full but it was so big, and bright, a yellow glow to it, that I had to run back in and grab the camera.

No matter how many moon photos I have taken over the years, I never get enough, there is something so fascinating and magical about the night sky, that has always drawn me to it.



I was telling you all last week that the trees have not yet started changing colors, but this morning they finally started showing signs of Fall.  But the Texas summer is not yet ready to hand over the reigns, it decided to do a little switcheroo on us, temperature wise.

We had 50s and 60s this week, today it jumped to 74, tomorrow we're expecting 80 and the rest of the coming week we will be staying in high 70s.  Why is all I have to ask?  There's no logical answer to this, is there?  Hahah

Today I decided to put everything else aside and work on some crochet projects, to try and finish them off and hopefully sell a few as well.3


I worked as hard as I could on the Ubuntu CAL but ran out of white yarn and that brought it all to a screeching halt.  I have to pick up more yarn tomorrow.

Then I grabbed some squares that I had made a while ago, actually part of another CAL which I decided to cut short and not finish.  I made the big blanket, but am leaving off the smaller square border around it, because, well, to be completely honest, I got bored with the project.

I've decided to go ahead and turn it into a baby blanket, so I've been joining squares today, and when that is done I'll make a cute border around it and it will be all set to go.

That's really all I've done today.  You may be wondering how I was able to concentrate on the crochet and not anything else in the house, but the way I do that is by making sure that the day before I want a crochet or sewing, or craft day, I get all my chores and tasks done and caught up.  It's the only way I can relax enough to do what I consider fun, without letting the guilt set in and send me flying off the couch in search of household chores to tackle.

I finished off the day with our usual Friday night pizza.  I make a double batch of my pizza dough, divide it in four equal sections and everyone gets what they want for toppings.  The kids have always loved making their own pizzas and even to this day, at 19 and 15 they enjoy having their own personalized pizza with whatever they want as a topping.

I've now got the kitchen taken care of, the dishes are done, and as soon as I get this post up, I'll be sitting down with some more Cold Justice episodes and my baby blanket.

It's the perfect ending to a long week and the beginning of a much welcomed weekend :)

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  1. I posted some nice moon photos too. Yes, I am looking for a do-nothing weekend to re-charge.


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