Friday, October 12, 2018

{ Reminded me of living on base - Blogtober 2018 }


40 degrees, rainy, dark, cloudy and gloomy and everything that makes me happy.  Kinda weird saying that isn't it, like how many people admit they like gloomy days? 

Usually people will say "it's a beautiful day", when referring to blue skies and hot weather. 

I'm the opposite, I see rain and dark days that only illuminate with candles and I get the warmest and happiest of feelings. 


Nick and were I were sitting doing school today, and suddenly the house shook with the sound of jets overhead.  It was like being back on base and hearing these might beasts flying above.  We live close enough to base that they fly over our house constantly, sometimes coming really low and sounding so loudly that it feels like the walls are shaking.

Of course I ran outside with my camera, just as I had done a gazillion times before in the past.  I guess some old habits are hard to break.


My boy has been not enjoying Geometry, like at all.  I can't blame him, I'm not a fan of mathematics in general, but Geometry especially, I find so frustrating and confusing at times. 


Nevertheless, he is pushing through, and doing pretty well in school which makes this momma proud.


I had a few moments to myself today, so I continued on with my Cozy Memories blanket.  I am enjoying it so much, oh my goodness, what a joy to sit and knit, and these squares grow pretty quickly. 

That basket holds all the scarp yarn I have laying around, and it's been fun just reaching in and grabbing a random ball and going with it.


We seem to have a stray cat that is enjoying hanging around our property.  No matter what we do, he (or she) won't leave.  Just runs and plays in our big yard, and since it's not a nuisance as of yet, I'm letting it just have fun.


It seems that one of it's favorite activities is chasing the butterflies and moths flying around.  The kids certainly enjoying watching the cat, especially Jasmine who absolutely loves cats and wishes she had one of her own.  I can't deal with cats, I just don't like them, and besides I'm allergic to them too.

Jasmine always tells me the day she moves out she's going to get a ton of cats, to which I jokingly reply "wow you really don't want me to visit you, do you?".  Hahah

My kids are growing up, so quickly, so much quicker than I anticipated.  Feels like just yesterday I was posting on here and sharing pictures of them playing together in our house back in Idaho.  Time flies, my word.

Well, it's Friday night and that makes me happy too, because it means I can sleep in tomorrow morning, and I don't have to worry about staying up late and not getting enough sleep.  So I'm going to find something to watch on TV and finish the square I have on the needles right now, but, before all that, I am going to go and make myself a Mint Chocolate Mug Cake.  It's going to be my treat tonight :)

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  1. Love gloomy days - that's my tea-drinking weather as it reminds me of living in England. I can't wait to move back to Washington, lots of gloomy days there.


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