Thursday, December 11, 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 11 Christmas food...what is on the menu?

Good morning ladies, come on in and let's talk about food.  Well, let's continue talking about food because we have kind of been talking about it non stop since the beginning of Blogmas LOL  Or at least, I have been talking about it.

Today we're concentrating on the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day menu.  Are you ready to share yours?

Christmas Eve

Dinner will be Cod Fish, probably with potatoes and egg, not sure yet how we will serve it.

For the snacky table:
Rissois (Shrimp Rissoles)
Croquetes (Meat Croquettes)
Fried chicken wings
Bola de Carne (Chourico and Ham Bread)
Pasteis de Massa Tenra (Meat Pies)
Delicious Dessert (pudding that I remember from my childhood)
Bolo Rei (King's Cake)
Arroz Doce (Rice pudding)
Fruit Cake
Chips and Dip

Christmas Day

Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Dinner Rolls
Christmas Pudding

I am not 100% on either of these menus, things could be added or changed up, but for the most part, this is exactly what we'll be having :)

As for this moment?  I think I'm hungry and I think I am going to go whip up some of these.....yes I think that is what I'll do.  It will give me something to munch on while I read through everyone's posts :)

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes


carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Your snackie stuff always looks so good and sounds SO intriguing being from another culture!! Much more fun and interesting than our boring stuff! Lol

I can't wait to hear about your background traditions in the post coming up!!

Have a great day ;)

Anonymous said...

Delicious menu! And yet another fantastic recipe! [You're single-handedly going to make us FAT!!! LOL!!!]...

threesidesofcrazy said...

Absolutely wonderful menu! Everything sounds so festive. Love the look of those cinnamon roll pancakes.

Jhona O. said...

Delicious! I am hungry, too, from reading everyone's delicious looking menus.

Amy at love made my home said...

It is turkey roast dinner here on Christmas day with Christmas pud afterwards. Christmas eve will be something easy and lazy I expect - chilli from the freezer perhaps! xx

Anna said...

MMmmmmm homemade cinnamon rolls! something I haven't mastered yet. *sigh*

Peechy said...

yummmm what a delightful sounding spread!!
oh gosh those cinamon rolls!!