Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 13 How are you counting down to Christmas?

Good morning everyone.  I am sorry this is going up a bit later than usual, but it IS Saturday and one of the only days I get to sleep in a little. 

Now I'm up, I have my cup of coffee and my bowl of granola and I think I'm ready to get started, I have to anyway because in about 2 hours I am heading out with my hubby, brother and sister in law for some Christmas shopping.

Right, so on with it......

How am I counting down to Christmas.  Usually I have this little snowman that holds up stars with numbers and we switch it out every day to get closer to Christmas.

That is an old picture, I completely forgot where this guy is and haven't found him yet so I haven't been using him this year.  Bummer!

Another way I count down is with an advent calendar of some sorts.  I made one a few years back that consisted of tiny little envelopes all hand stitched with the days.

I used it up until two years ago, some of the envelopes magically disappeared and I have to make new ones and just haven't gotten around to it.  So I set this one aside and now use this Advent Calendar....

Aside from those practical items to keep me on the right track, I also have my very own countdown to Christmas, who not only tells me how many days, but how many hours, and sometimes down to the minutes.  Oh and it reminds me every day, throughout the day of how much time I have left to get everything ready for the big day.

It's quite a cute countdown too........wanna see it????



  1. Isn't it funny how kids can tell you down to the minute how long it will be until Christmas? Rebecca is the same way with me. LOL
    Hope you have a wonderful Saturday!

  2. Using the advent calendar usually reminds you right around this time how little time you have left. Something about being less than 2 weeks that usually freaks me out - but not this year!

    Have fun Christmas shopping. This is my favorite time of year to shop (when all my have to shopping is done) and I can watch other people.

  3. Oh my goodness, what a great giggle you gave me today! I was oohing and aahing over your sweet decorations and got to the end and thought "oh she has one of those electronic count down things" and then saw your son and literally giggled out loud!! Love that and I have to say I have one of those as well and she's 8 years old!! ;)

    Have fun shopping today! Make sure to sit for a minute and sip something yummy and just enjoy the moment.

  4. The hand made advent envelopes are cute!

  5. Do my children know exactly how long is left? You betcha! The daughter (aged 12) is making sure everyone else has their advent chocolates at the right time of day, it's harder to make sure she doesn't eat mine as well!

  6. Love your post! Made me chuckle! I have one the same (boy, that is, who asks me at least a million times a day how many more days there are until Christmas!)

  7. haaaaaaaa your coundown helper!! kids do make this season extra fun.
    Love the envelopes and Advent calender

  8. Who needs all those cute Advent counters?
    You've got the "real deal". LOL

  9. You have some lovely advent calendars, I hope that the missing ones turn up somewhere soon - they are probably tucked away somewhere safe! xx

  10. Cutest countdown there is :) I love how our kids help us keep track, ha ha! I love your snowman...I should have married a snowman, I love them so much. That's what my husband tells me!


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