Monday, December 01, 2014

In the Kitchen

Welcome to my kitchen!!!

I developed a love for cooking at a very early age.  My great grandmother, grandmother and stepmother were the most influential women in my life, especially when it came to homemaking and cooking

We always had a very big family and dinner around the table would usually involve up to 15 people at a time, every night.  The meal preparation usually fell to my great grandmother as she loved cooking and taking care of the family as much as I do.

I grew up surrounded by a big family, by hearty home cooked meals, and a love for the family that can only be described as unconditional.

If you ever visit my home and wonder where I am, bets are, in the kitchen whipping something up.

There is such an amazing feeling that takes over when I'm able to put on the table a comforting meal for my family, and watching them enjoy it is reward enough for the time I put in.

In this section of my blog, you will find recipes for some of the meals I make for my family.  I will never post something that I don't enjoy, or something that is expensive to make or uses gourmet ingredients.

I'm a easy, out of the pantry, cook with what you have on hand, everything from scratch, kinda girl and I hope you find something here that will catch your eye and please your family :)


Macho Nachos


Thai Peanut Beef


Creamy Beef Noodle Bake

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