Sunday, December 28, 2014

Winding down!


Oh goodness, I feel like I haven't been on my blog in forever, and truth be told, it really has been almost a week.

Life has been full, absolutely full, of laughter, of family and food.

It's been a wonderful past week, we had one of the best Christmas Eve's in a very long time, a freak snow storm that blew in right before minute and left us with no power for 4 hours, and opening presents by candlelight.  It was a little weird at first, you couldn't really see much but it did make for a very magical setting with the snow coming down outside and the fire burning inside as we laughed and scrambled for gifts.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day was spent at my brother's house, a very low key, nice meal and just some catching up and relaxing from the crazy rush before the holidays.

Friday we were home, trying to take it easy.  I wanted to do absolutely nothing, to sit in my pajamas all day, to drink coffee, watch a movie or read a book, but the family had other ideas, they wanted to go by Walmart to use some gift cards we got from family.  Thing is, we weren't the only ones with that idea as I think half of America was doing the exact same thing.  Just can't get away from the crowds can we?

Saturday was spent cleaning up from Christmas.

I like the holidays but honestly, the day after, I am already itching to put everything away and get my house back on track.   Just seems like everything looks so cramped for the month of December, and once it's tidied up, the house suddenly seems so much bigger.

Anyway, today we woke up to this.....


It snowed overnight, it snowed a little throughout the morning and it is supposed to continue snowing for the next two days.


I love snow, but I don't like the fact that my car is absolutely horrid in icy conditions, don't to the point where I can't drive it if there is a lot of snow outside.  I need to get new tires, and unfortunately that is not something that we can afford at the moment.


Truth be told, at moments like these, I miss Arizona and the warmer weather. 


So yeah, I know that may have sounded like a total squirrel moment, but it's just frustrating when you need to go somewhere and quickly realize that you are stuck in your house because the car can't even make it out of the driveway.  Not a good thing.

I'm hoping, and really hoping that the weather lets up a bit.

I'm trying to get myself mentally ready for the new coming year, it's weird thinking that we are just a few days away from 2015.  Time usually flies but 2014 for me seems to have gone by quicker than usual, right?

I don't usually do resolutions, but this coming year there are a few things I want to get back to doing, just a few changes that I think will benefit me immensely.

Water is a huge one for me, so I'm choosing to focus more on drinking it, instead of turning to diet coke, which I love.   I also want to go go back to drinking my green tea daily, and I'm definitely returning to my one hour of Zumba each morning.  I have missed it so much and I'm dying to start again, so I'll be doing that on Thursday for sure.  Starting the year off right.

How have the past few days been for you?  Are you looking forward to the new year?


  1. Sounds like it was an exciting snowy holiday your way. We had an unusually mild holiday. Warmer than normal & hardly any snow. Now it's turned cold but still barely any snow.

    Wish I could take some of the snow from you. I've got 4-wheel drive & more used to snow so if I could help ya out I'd take your snow Sweetie.

    I'm with you about getting back on track. I'm also ready to start the new year right & have similar plans about how I'll go about it. Sending you warm thoughts & God bless. xo

  2. Glad you had a lovely Christmas Eve with your family and a nice Christmas day with your brother and his family.

    You are having snow, we are having warm and humid weather down here in s.e. FL.

    After opening my presents Christmas morning I felt like undecorating, and that's exactly what I did. Everything was boxed up by 12:30. I was just so ready for the new year. I've never done that before, and if DH had been here I wouldn't have done that. Without him Christmas just isn't the same.

    It was a bit sad not having the sparkle and colors anymore, but that feeling didn't last long, and waking up and coming out into the living room without Christmas the next morning, the room seemed larger like you said.

    I hope 2015 is great for all of you.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  3. Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us

  4. I packed everything away yesterday. I love having my tree and decorations up but after the big day I too am itching to clean everything up!

  5. Hi Sandra, I've been offline for a week or so too, and am only back on today for a short while....just wanted to pop by and see how you're doing and to thank you - again - for was *so* wonderful. Thank you *so* much....have a lovely run up to New Years and here's to you drinking water and green tea and fitting your Zumba in to 2015.....

  6. Present opening by candlelight..maybe a new Christmas tradition? I usually leave all my stuff up until January 1 but this year I have already started putting bits and pieces away. Must admit, though, that I have thoroughly been enjoying the tree each evening now that there is no more rushing around.

  7. I'm glad you had a good Christmas and I hope that the new year brings you only good things. Happy new year! xx

  8. How fun opening presents in candlelight...that's how traditions start, :). Love the snow pictures...still waiting for snow to arrive here in the Midwest. I am with you on the more water, green tea (my weakness is Dr. Pepper) and exercise!! Wishing you and your family all the best in the New Year!!


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