Blogmas 2014 - Day 8 What is on your wish list this year?

by - Monday, December 08, 2014

Oooohhhhh. I am such a girl with gifts, and I believe, the easiest person to shop for.  I am so glad this isn't  "what is on your husband's wish list", cause that would have been a big fat zero.  He is like the hardest person to shop for, I can never figure out what to get him.

Right, but back to me and what is on my list.  Are you ready?  Lots of pics coming up.  Hahaha

Wellies.....because every girl needs a cute pair of wellies.

Nail Art brushes.....just because

 Cath Kidston London Blossom Body Lotion....need need need

Cath Kidston Sew Exclusive....have had my eye on this one for a couple years

This mug.....yes please

Paula Deen Cookware Set....already have the blue one but it's getting old, need another

Not too much, and of course my whole family knows to give me cookbooks, kitchen stuff, anything Lavender scented etc.  Oh and yarn, please, throw it my way I would love more yarn.  LOL

What's on your wishlist this year?

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  1. Fun things on your list! I love those Wellies! I have a pair with blue bells and butterflies! :)

  2. What a great list, I hope you get it all:) Especially the cute Wellies!

  3. I agree, those Wellies are so cute! I like the color of the pans, too.

  4. Love your list -my wellies are black with yellow polka dots!

  5. How funny, wellies are on my list as well! Sydney has had them in the past and wore them so often she completely destroyed them, so each of my 3 big kids are getting a pair this year for Christmas and I'm dying for my own pair.

    What pretty pans! Paula Dean and Rachael Ray have the cutest kitchen stuff. I like all of their things. I have the Paula Dean kitchen scale and a few other little utensils.

  6. Anonymous12:42 PM

    Oh, I love Cath Kidston too! And I love the Downton mug!!!

  7. great list. Nail art brushes would be a fab gift. I love those wellies too.

  8. I love your list and those Welles are awesome!

  9. I love everything on your list dear Lady and could easily add it to mine - minus the sewing kit as I can't sew to save my life!! Lol

    I can't wait to check on the other lists out there later. It's like a secret peek into what folks enjoy...but I bet I'll also get some good ideas. ;)

    God bless and here's hoping Santa gets you everything on your list cuz I know you've been a good Girl! xo

  10. I have on my list a new lens for the camera. I have a cute pair of those Wellies. I just love them.

  11. It's like you're in my head, Sandra. I was going down the list going: Yup, want it, want it, want it, need it...
    Those wellies are just darling. When I grow up I want a pair of Hunters and a Le Creuset set of pots :)

  12. I asked for yarn and a wool winder, but Santa has told me that I am not getting these as he thinks that I have too many things that are waiting to be done already!! I hope that you get at least some of the things on your list, some great choices!! xx

  13. Loving the Wellies!! I really want some as well (probably the Hunter classic black ones). Oddly enough, I just finished a post on holiday gifts for him, googled "blogmas 2014", found this post and read what you wrote about how hard it is to shop for guys. I had to laugh. :) Great wish list. Happy Holidays!

  14. Anonymous4:26 AM

    I know how you feel with the male in your life. Mine is worst then our daughter to shop for?

  15. After the ordeal with Sadie's emergency surgery, I only want to hug my kids, sit and enjoy a good movie with them, and talk. Hug my Mom, Dad and extended family. I could use a pair of insulated muck boots, but mostly I just want a healthy family (and happy too).

  16. I have been quite content this year and have had trouble coming up with a list for my family. But I think a new pair of winter boots would be nice. And of course I love getting gift cards of any kind and books.


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