Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 20 Last minute gift ideas

Ok, so another long day, but I had the family over and just wanted to have a day devoted to them without the computer being in the mix.

Sometimes you just need one of those days, right?

So, moving on to today's prompt which is about last minute gift ideas.  I have been good this year, and I have bought things throughout November and am actually completely done shopping for everyone, so I am not worried about last minute gift ideas.

But I do have some ideas if you're still looking for some for anyone on your list.....

Netflix or Hulu Subscription - we actually did a Netflix subscription for my in laws one year and they loved it so much they continued on with it after it ran out.

Beauty box - monthly delivery of different serums, pomades, polishes, colognes etc. to try. (I know there's Birchbox and Goodebox)

Hair, Nails Certificate -  I've received these for birthdays before and really love them.

Gift Certificates - can't go wrong with these.

Gift Baskets - it could be a flower, cookie, candy, or even a personalized basket for a movie fan, or a spa or kitchen fan. 

Kitchen tablet holder - this is SUCH a great idea, I am going to have my husband actually make me one. 

Quick Bread in a Bottle - I would love one of these.

Those are just a few of my ideas for a quick last minute gift.  I hope you enjoy it, and that it may give some of you out there an idea for a last minute gift.


threesidesofcrazy said...

Awesome ideas! I love that kitchen tablet holder especially - I need one of those!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant ideas! Love the kitchen tablet holder (and, yes, it looks very easy to make!).....I've never dared take a tablet in to the kitchen, though: I kind of like smudgy fingerprints on written recipes but not so keen on my tablet screen! Love your ideas! Great post! I'm resuming Blogmas from today, after missing yesterday....

Anonymous said...

These are great ideas. I do like the gifts in a jar, I've seen hot chocolate, and chocolate chip cookies as well. The tablet holder is so clever!!

Liz said...

What an awesome tablet holder! I want one. We have a lot of the same ideas. Great minds, think alike.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Love your ideas Sandra! That tablet holder is one of the cutest I've seen!!

Love anything in a jar too. Perfect. ;)

Anna said...

Love the tablet holder! I could use one of those. :-D