Sunday, January 20, 2008


No time for talking today, I'm completely ADDICTED to Christy. Who knew?? Well actually, I should have known, same way I got addicted to Anne of Green Gables and watched it all in a weekend, I'm doing the same with Christy....only problem is that I'm getting these from Netflix and once I'm done with Disc 2 I have to mail it off and then nervously wait in anticipation for the next discs to arrive.

Please Please Netflix people, if you're out there reading, just on the off chance that you read my blog (I know I know, but weirder things have happened).......when you see my Christy Movies coming back, STOP everything you're doing and mail the next discs out to me. ASAP! You don't want to be blamed for a 33 year old mom going loony in her home or nail-less from all the biting I'll do while waiting for the movies. Just saying!


At 17, Christy Huddleston decides to leave her comfortable life in Asheville, N.C., to teach at a mission schoolhouse in a rural Appalachian community. The school is run by strong-willed Quaker Alice Henderson, whose speech in a church inspired Christie to take this enormous leap of faith. Once in Cutter Gap, Tenn., she finds herself the object of attentions from two very different men: the Rev. David Grantland, a minister from Boston, and Dr. Neil MacNeill, a Cutter Gap native struggling to bring 20th century medicine to this backwoods community. Christie also discovers a good friend in mountain woman Fairlight Spencer.

And you guys sitting around here reading the blogs.......go watch Christy.....go go.....I promise you will love it.


FarmHouse Style said...

I have watched Christy and I highly recommend it:) Where she lived is not that far from me.

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


Samantha said...

You're so cute when you get addicted to something.

I'll look the movies up now.


Lorie said...

Sandra, I am a Christy lover too. Have you read the book? I loved it! I watched the movie Christy and then checked out that series you are talking about. They let you check out the whole series! So, no waiting and you get it for a week! I loved it all, but I think I liked the book the best. I also love Anne of Green Gables but that's a different story!

Sherry said...

Oh Yay! They are in my queue and I will most definitely bump them up now that I know they are so good! :D I love when I find something good, wholesome and uplifting!


Bonnie said...

ha ha ha ha. you crack me up !! Your shout out to the Netflix people made me laugh !!!

Sarah said...

I've just looked up Christy on Amazon and they're all region 1 DVDs, the UK is region 2, so they wouldn't play on my DVD even if I got one...although hubby has just downloaded some gadget that apparently will convert DVDs into 'all region'.

I'll have to try the books first pehaps.


Stephanie said...

I love to watch them too. Heres what is weird, I work with a lady named Christy Huddleston and she is a teacher ! Weirder things have happened !!

Kelli said...

I read Christy many years and loved it! I will have to add the DVD's to my netflix queue. I made your Chicken Tortilla soup today and it was soooo yummy! I put the rest in the freezer for an easy meal next week.

Tami said...

We love Christy and Anne of Green Gables also. We own the Christy series - and I think my daughter is getting Anne for her birthday. They are GREAT!!!

Love in Christ,


Party Of Five said...

I hope you don't mind...but I have added you to my "blogs to read" link on my blog. I so enjoy reading other moms blogs that seem so similar to my families life. The Christy movies are good. I used to love that actress when she was on a sitcom called Life Goes On. Happy Blogging!

jennwa said...

I have never heard of "Christy" but it sounds great. Thanks.

Southernlady said...

I love that movie.

Karen H. said...

Good Morning Sandra,
Wow, sounds like you are addicted to Christy. I've never heard of Christy before, but I have watched Anne of Green Gables. Christy sounds like a great movie. Do you think you could rent it from a video store or something? We don't rent from Netflix. "THANK YOU" for sharing this movie with us. It sounds like a Laura Ingalls Wilder Book/Show. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours.

Karen H.

Susanne said...

Once a year my girls and I do a Anne of Green Gables marathon where we stay up all night together, munching our way through all the whole series. Lots of fun, but it's getting harder for me every year, LOL!

Maybe we'll have to do this with Christy too.

Michelle said...

I remember watching Christy ;)have to look for it,thanks for the blog visit.have a great day.

Stephanie said...

Hi Sandra ~

This is #2 for me commenting you !!
I tagged you from my blog - I hope you dont mind, its a real simple & fun tag !!
Please stop by when you can :)