Saturday, January 19, 2008

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Weekends and Weekdays Switched?!?!?!?

You know how when your kids are tiny babies, you bring them home from the hospital and then the first few weeks they have their days and nights switched? I don't mean ALL babies, but a lot do, well mine did at least.

They sleep all day long and then keep you up all night! Well it seems my children have Weekends and Weekdays switched too. Go figure. During the week when there's school and errands to run etc, I can't for the life of me get them out of bed early, I plead and beg and threaten and bribe and it's just "I'm tired, I don't want to get up".
But then come the weekends and 6:30am they're up and ready to go and then I'm the one laying in bed "But I'm too tired, let me sleep, go back to bed". I have to drag myself out and walk around at snail's pace, the first 2 hours of the day are a blur to me, I go through the motions of breakfast and get them fed and dressed etc. Then when they're settled in drawing or playing or watching cartoons, I make my way to the coffee machine, put in a new filter, put in the water and turn it on........then I sit back and wonder why my coffee is clear! *sigh*

I don't do it everyday, not by a long shot, but there have been times, I admit, that I've been so tired that I ended up forgetting to add the coffee. I end up with a pot full of boiling water....LOL

So I'm sitting here this morning, the kids are off doing their own thing and Curt is at work, he got weekend duty......which.......if you're a military wife you know exactly how annoying and frustrating it is because they never tell them in advance, so you make plans for the weekend and then Friday night they come home and say "Oh by the way, I have weekend duty" that's when my eye starts twitching. See there's something non military wives don't understand........when you marry a soldier, you marry all of the Armed Forces. Really, you do!
When you plan things you have to take into account whether the squadron will be fine with it or if they'll have an opinion LOL Don't believe me? Just ask another military wife. How many times do plans get postponed and vacations cancelled etc.?

We had all these errands planned for today but instead we'll just stay at home. I'm going to clean the house, do the usual daily things and then either take the kids to the library or maybe go rent a movie to watch or something. I'm not sure exactly what I'll be doing, but something will pop up.

I've started the Nicholas Sparks book and I'm enjoying it so far, I still have another 3 to get through before returning them to the library, but you know this doesn't stop me from going there again and getting more LOL I have this love for books that is just indescribable, I can't begin to explain why or how or what, it just is. Nothing makes me happier than a new book in my hands.

Now switching gears, last night for dinner I made the Best Chili Ever, if you haven't tried this recipe yet, you have no idea what you're missing. It's so good. First time I made it I wondered how the Ranch seasoning would work in there, it was one of those...."well I'll try it, but never would have thought of using it myself". But now I realize without it, it just wouldn't be the same, it's THAT good. So if you're interested in trying out the chili, just go visit the sweet Betsy and get her recipe.

For tonight I'm making some Bifes Panados com Pure de batata e cenoura.......did you understand that?I didn't think so....sorry.....ok it's pretty much Chicken Fried Steak but then I make mashed potatoes WITH carrots. My stepmom used to make it when we were kids, it was a way for us to eat the carrots too LOL I'll have the step by step on my food blog later tonight, but pretty much all you do is throw in some diced up carrots with your potatoes and then mash it all together, it comes out this wonderful orange color and it's SO good. :)

Before I step out I'll leave you with what's going on around me.

On my bedside table:
At First Sight by Nicholas Sparks
Circle of Quilters by Jennifer Chiaverini
The Quilters Homecoming by Jennifer Chiaverini
A Wanted Man by Linda Lael Miller

On board from Netflix:
Christy the Series - Disc 1
Christy the Series - Disc 2

Latest interests:
Ghost Stories
Relearning all my Portuguese Culture
Finding blogs from All over the World

On my mind:
My trip to South Africa
Getting through all my TBR Pile

How to have patience
Corel PaintShop Pro Photo
To like the base we are stationed at

Homemade Soaps
Portuguese Desserts

Looking forward to:
Seeing my family
One day returning to Idaho
A trip to the bookstore

The New Ghost Hunters International
My children and Husband
All the planning involved in a big trip
Making new bloggy friends

Edit to add a meme :)

Cara at "Deep Fried Apple Pies" tagged me for this meme, so here we go.....
I need to list 7 weird things about myself.

1. I hate raw tomatoes, just eeewwwww, but I love them cooked in any recipe.

2. I always have to have the toilet paper with the end on the top, not underneath, otherwise I freak out. I don't know what it is....but please, if I come by your house, make sure it's on top. LOL

3. I like scratching my head. Not in a "I'm confused" kinda way....just for nothing, for no reason. Go figure.

4. I love anything to do with the paranormal and watch every scary movie or show on tv that is about hauntings and ghosts etc.........but I'm TERRIFIED of them for real and don't like seeing them for myself.

5. I don't like old movies....anything that is before the 1980's I won't watch.

6. I have to put Tabasco on pretty much everything I eat, especially scrambled eggs

7. I don't like wearing any kind of pants with a top that doesn't cover my behind. I always feel like I'm walking down the street and every set of eyes is on my butt. I know, I know I'm weird.

Alright, that's my weird stuff, now I'm going to tag:

Samantha (tee hee) - The corner of insanity and chaos
Katy - The Country Blossom
Jennwa - Ramblings of a Crazy Woman
Mari-Nanci - Smilnsigh
Bonnie - Simple Beauty

Yeah yeah, these are my victims for today LOL But don't the rest of you think you're off the hook, I'm sure I was tagged somewhere else and it will be coming round to you *muahahahaha*


  1. Weekend duty really sucks. :( I hate it when they flip flop everything around, and you're so right they never give any kind of notice. I especially hated those re-enactment days they had...and being called at 2 am because a building is unsecure because some twit forgot to lock a door...augh.

    But I promise you, military life is way better than civilian life. Period.

    Hope you have agood weekend anyways.

    HUGS! :D

  2. My kids have their weekend and weekdays mixed up too. They always get up early on Sat and Sun but during the week they sleep as long as they can. It is very aggravating.

  3. problem is a lil different thsn kids (no matter what day it is) ALWAYS get up early. Usually before 7. I am an early bird...and I think they must take after me! LOL I have not ever once had to fight with one of them to get up...which is good..but bad at the same means NEVER sleeping in!!! LOL

    Hope you have a great day! i am sorry your hubby has duty today :(.

  4. I remember mornings like that when I was a little girl. There's just something about knowing you have the whole day of freedom that gets you out of bed in a hurry.

  5. Anonymous2:19 PM

    Our kids are up at the crack of dawn too, but even during the week too. Chatterbox was an awake all night sleep all day baby. I lived my life in a fog for the first year(s) ;)

    My hubby won't watch movies from before the 1980s either.

    Sorry that Curt has weekend duty, that must be hard.

    Sarah x

  6. You are *evil* to tag me. -sigh- -moan- -whine- -gasp-

    I don't have anything interesting, about myself, which I want to share with the whole wide freakin' world. LOL

    So just for bein' *eeeevil* and tagging me, I'll wish months and months of weekend duty on you. -eeevil giggles- NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! Of course NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even Me, 'The Wicked Witch of the West,' is that *eeeeeeeeeeevil.*

    OK, OK, OK... If I can come up with some interesting stuff, which I DO want to share with the whole wide freakin' world, I'll do this.
    But don't anybody hold their breath. >,-)


  7. Yep, my kids are pretty much the same. I used to be an early bird & not sure whats wrong but lately I'm awful the first couple hours after I get up. You know I hear ya when it comes to Military life. You never plan anything & if ya do expect it to change. Luckily this weekend it was good changes for once. Hope you had a good weekend anyway=)

    Oh, that chili sounds awesome!!

  8. Scott doesn't eat raw tomatoes either but loves loves Spaghetti sauce...go weird people

  9. You'd fit right in at our house! My husband uses tabasco on everything too! I buy big jugs of it from Sams. Enjoyed getting to know you better!

  10. Ohhhh.. Sandra~ I feel the same way about the toilet paper! Hubs solves it by leaving it on the COUNTER!! ARGHHHHH!!!! Glad to see I'm not the only one!


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