Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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What I wouldn't give for her hair!

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Last night after the kids bath, I was in the bathroom blow drying Jasmine's hair and I just had to snap a picture of it from the back. It's one of those hairs that make you wince and envy and feel like "Ugh.....why can't I have it?"
She is always being complimented on her hair and at first she loved it and said thank you, now she is getting to the age where it becomes annoying to her. (I still find it adorable) I can understand how she feels a little frustrated when she's stopped every two steps because someone wants to mention it LOL

But just look at it? How can anyone not think it's gorgeous?

And while this was going on, Mr Nicholas was on the couch trying to get his Yoshi to the next level in his "Yoshi's Story" video game. At some point he lost cause he cried out in this very sad voice "Noooooooo........I worked so haaarrddd" hahahahahaah

I just want to keep running my hands through it......and I did, see my hand down there in the left corner? She was getting frustrated with me "can you just take the picture already, and quit PETTING me!" LOL

Curt is working a weird schedule this week, he goes in at 11 am and doesn't get home until long after everyone is asleep. I can't stand this schedule, it's like working Swing Shifts, which means he gets up after Jasmine is at school and gets home AFTER she's asleep.....they won't see each other until this weekend and it's tough on the kids. But it's military life and just one of the sacrifices we make as a family.....they're all worth it in the end though, believe me!

We got the Superbowl coming up, it's going to be at the Cardinals Stadium which is just down the street from base, it's already crazy around here with the preparations and the influx of sports enthusiasts in town. I'm just hoping I can snap some pictures of the Giants and the Patriots....and no, it's not because I LIKE watching sports, but hey, why not....it's a huge thing here in the States....right???

Yesterday I was watching TLC and caught a whole day of "Kids By the Dozen"....I didn't know at first if I would like it or not, but after watching a couple episodes I was hooked. I just can't believe that these huge families are so organized, I mean, I have a hard time with just two children at times LOL And here are these mothers with 16 kids, everything runs smoothly, they have a great routine and budget going and these children look happy and well taken care of. Just amazing to me!

I know I'm babbling and I apologize, if you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I don't do *one theme* posts, it's more like a huge hodgepodge of whatever comes to mind and always said like you're sitting here next to me.

Anyway, I have to head out, have to run to the store to grab milk and then on to the BX to get some birthday cards to mail out.

Hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday. Oh and before I forget, I did post the recipe for the Mashed potatoes and Carrots, though I wouldn't really call it a recipe, I mean, if you can make mashed potatoes then you can make this.


  1. Good Afternoon Sandra,
    Oh my goodness, Jasmine has beautiful hair. I love it so much. Now let me tell ya, I have red hair as well, but it has turned an Auburn color over the years and now gray mixed in. LOL. My hair is natural curly too. I have always hated my hair as it's thick as well. Jasmine does have beautiful hair. She should be proud of it. During the Summer Months I usually have mine frosted to keep the gray covered up. LOL. Oh well, we do what we have to do huh? LOL. Oh girlfriend, I'm glad you liked the show, Kid's by the Dozen. I have been watching it for some time now. I just can't believe those Women having that many kids. I mean gee whiz, enough is enough already. They have alot more patience and nerves than I ever would have had if I had had that many. I would have been bald after that many. LOL. I wouldn't have to worry about my hair then. LOL. Awwww, poor Nicholas, I'm sorry he lost the game he had worked so hard on, but that is how it goes sometimes. Maybe he will do better on it next time. I sent you an email a little while ago. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. Oh, we are not big Football Fanatics either, but if I lived where they were going to have a big game like that, I would be out as well taking pictures.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  2. Her hair is just beautiful. Any woman would love to have it...I know I would.
    I remember those schedules in the military. We didn't have kids though..but I never saw Scott with my work schedule. But your right it works out in the long run.
    Have a good day.

  3. Oh yes, children's hair and children's skin are just beautiful!

    My husband is a Giants fan so I think he would envy your location right now.

    I have seen several of those "Kids by the Dozen" shows and I find most of them very interesting. There was one family that I thought was nuts (the "simple" family) but otherwise they were very notable!

  4. Kids by the dozen ... sounds a bit scary !! :) I've seen shows like that too and they ARE amazing ! I guess you'd have to be organized. I'm an organized person by nature. I love to organize and I do it well but I'm quite content with my TWO kids ! Thank you very much !! :)

    Jasmine's hair IS beautiful ! The color is stunning !!

  5. Hi Sandra :) how are you today? Jasmine has gorgeous hair.I'll trade her anyday!!!I've watched Kids by the dozen is quite a show and the organization is amazing.have a great day

  6. You're so right about Jasmine's hair. It's absolutely gorgeous!! I've marvelled at her hair ever since I started reading your blog.

  7. Her hair is beautiful. Our oldest daughter had hair that color also and was frequently complimented on it. She wasn't blessed with the curls though! She is now 25 and it has gotten much blonder, so that it is a strawberry blond color. It is still pretty and she still gets compliments.

  8. OMG - Jasmine's hair, you must tell her from all of us how much we love it! Military life is a huge sacrifice, and a blessing to those of us who reap the benefit of his crazy hours away from his family. Tell him TY
    My daughter is on her way to AZ for a 3 day conference in 2 weeks, she is pretty excited about all the players being around town.

  9. My dad's sisters are red headed and I hoped at least one of my kiddos would be blessed with the beautiful red hair... they weren't. Her hair is so pretty!

  10. 2 of my 3 kids have reddish hair...don't know where that came from! I love it!

    I am hooked on Kids by the Dozen too!

    Have a good day!

  11. It is beautiful hair, I have always been fond of red hair. My 6 year old has gorgeous long blond hair that has all of these natural high lights in it. I am so jealous & so is my 10 year old (we got stuck with thin dirty blond hair, lol). My daughter is always getting stopped & she is the same way, loved it at first. When she went to preschool, the teachers used to have to hold her in their laps at circle time because all of the kids would fight over who got to sit by her & they were always touching her hair. That got a little better in kindergarten, but even still in 1st grade, she is always having kids touching her hair.

  12. Your daughter's hair is so beautiful. People would pay a lot of money to have hair like that.

  13. -sigh- Like I've said a zillion times, her hair is gorgeous. And yes, I understand how it gets hard on a red head... people commenting. One of our grands is a real red head. And she had a hard time with it, when she was younger. Especially since she was then, a 'tom boy.'

    But now that she is 14, she is much more appreciative of it. :-)

    You Mom, have a big job. To help her maintain her balance, growing up with red hair. And curly too!!!! Like, keep telling her that people are in awe of it! And sort of HAVE to comment. So she doesn't feel like she is an *oddity.* Kids may get that feeling. And not say it. I guess Moms have to be mind readers and have the Wisdom of Solomon, and all that other jazzzzzzzzzzz... You know! Like all Moms have to have, all the time, anyway!!!!!! LOL


  14. Wow her hair is beautiful, those curls and the color!!!


  15. Hi there,
    Thanks for commenting on my blog...I don't get very many yet.lol..you get a ton more than me. Your daughter's hair is awesome. So healthy. I love you blog about things from your childhood...we must be the same age...32 shhh...don't tell! Have a blessed day! Carrie


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