Monday, January 7, 2008

# sleepovers I getting too old for sleepovers????

I don't mean for ME to have one per say, at this point in my life I just want to head to bed at 9pm and have a full night's sleep without being awakened by anyone or anything.

But for Jasmine to have a sleepover....I think I'm too old for this? Before you go getting all huppity about it let me explain.

Saturday night Jasmine had her sleepover, her eye is doing much better but it's still a little swollen and bruised and has that nasty cut, BUT she was determined to have her friends over nonetheless. It was fine, everything was going great until bed time. By 1am we had to force the girls to go to bed because Curt and I were dead tired and I have to be up early with Nicholas anyway.

Well it took 1 hour to get them all to stay in bed and quit running around, laughing and joking. For them I'm sure it was the BEST time, for me, not so much, I could feel my eye twitching and I thought of getting a recorder to replay over and over "Girls please quiet down, stop yelling, you're going to wake up Nicholas and the neighbors and the whole base, and Japan (not really but you know just for effect)'s bed time, please go to sleep".

I must have repeated that sentence over and over to the point where I would just walk in there and blurt it out while my brain took a nap.

Anyway, around 2:15 am they finally fell asleep and I drug myself into bed, pulled the covers up over me and closed my eyes.

3 am - Sandra, Sandra (it was one of the girls)

I run out of bed and she's crying, she had a nightmare. So I comfort her, talk to her about it just being a dream, she's fine and she's safe and it's ok to go back to sleep....sit there for a while until she quiets down and proceed to drag myself back to bed.

Climb in again, pull the covers up over my shoulders and close my's now 3:30am.

3:45 am - MOMMY......MOMMY (it's jasmine)

Jump out of bed again and run into her room....she had a bad dream, calm HER down and get her back to sleep.

In between these, we have the same girl that had the nightmares, coughing up a storm. Now I don't know about the rest of you but I don't feel comfortable just giving kids medicine without their parents permission, who knows what they're allergic to or can or can't have. But after a few hours of her coughing I gave her some Mucinex Mini Melts for the cough and it helped her a bit.

Anyway, I went back to bed, by this time I had the biggest headache and actually felt nauseous, you know when you have to get up in the middle of the night and you're so tired that you feel sick to your stomach??

Pull the frigging covers over my shoulders again, I think I was getting annoyed at the bed LOL

4 am - Sandra Sandra (same girl)

I go back in there and she's still having nightmares...then she wants me to turn on all the lights and I have to explain that it can't be done, she'll wake everyone else up. I show her there's 2 night lights and I've now turned on the bathroom light in the hallway too, PLUS she has Jasmine and Summer there too and the dogs. So she asks for water and I give her some, then she wants the tv on and above, I repeat the whole shebang about the lights and the kids sleeping etc.

She lays back down for a bit and Summer wakes they're both sitting up talking and I'm sitting on the edge of Jasmine's bed thinking...I'm screwed, yep, I'm absolutely screwed. I'm not going to sleep at all tonight LOL

They finally lay back down and are quiet so I go back into the room, I don't even pull the covers anymore, I just keep my robe on and lay on the bed and low and behold....

5 am - Cough cough.....Sandra I can't sleep.......cough cough

I shuffle my feet back into the bedroom, Vicks in hand and rub some on her chest. Then I hear a voice behind me, it's Jasmine, now she's awake and gets into the blow up mattress with the other girls and they're all laughing and giggling.

YEP, it finally hit me, I'm getting NO sleep at all tonight. It's 6am now and I hear Nicholas stirring in his bed. It's time to get up. Boy do I feel refreshed......NOT! LOL

So that was the NonSleepOver but they had a blast and they're talking about the next one already which makes me cringe. I wonder if I should gear up for the next one, maybe stock up on cold and cough medicine, night lights, or maybe I should have the parents come sleep over too so they can watch their own kids? LOL

After the girls left yesterday I didn't get to sleep either, I think I was over tired and just not able to settle down so I went to the library and grabbed some books. I go through phases, there's months that I read nothing and then suddenly I can't get enough, it's like inhaling the pages of the books as fast as I can get my little fingers to flip through them.

LOVE this cookbook, it's got such great recipes, I can't wait to try.

The first three I got for free from the Airman's Attic..........then at the library I got:

Nicholas Sparks - At First Sight
Circle of Quilters
The Quilter's Homecoming
Wanted - Linda Lael Miller
Redeeming Love - Francine Rivers

Guess which one I'm already reading??? Yep, Francine Rivers and I'm in love with the book, in love with the story and the characters and just can't get enough. Wow, it's not just that she is an amazing author, she really does make you feel like you're there with the characters and the first few pages of the book are heartbreaking. Can't wait to read more.

Well I need to go get my Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore going or there will be no dinner tonight. My menu plan for this week has already been posted, so go check that out if you're interested.

Huge hugs and kisses to my family back in South Africa.........just 5 months more *wink wink*


  1. I can't even imagine how tired you must have been!!

  2. oh my goodness...what a night!!! I sooo have NO intention of ever letting my daughter have people over for a sleepover now! LOL

    I have to tell you..i just love how you described your night. You did it so well! You should write a book! LOL

    I hope you are having a great Monday! :)

  3. Anonymous2:03 PM

    Awww I feel for you I really do! Hmm mental note to avoid sleepovers, lol. I had a night like that Saturday night but it was the neighbours keeping me up.

    Hope you've caught up on your sleep!


  4. That doesn't sound like a very good night! You won't be agreeing to a sleepover for a while, I bet. It seems to go better when it's just one friend, but I know the kids like to have a few. Sleep well tonight!

  5. I have to disagree with Mari- a couple of weeks ago I had Shaelyn overnight. I nicely tucked in Halle and Shaelyn at 9:00. We hear talking in the other room. Multiple times we go in and tell them to stop talking and go to sleep. It's now 10:00- Mark and I go to our room to watch just a little tv before falling asleep. We hear more talking next door. A few more times we tell them to stop talking. Finally, we don't hear talking but we hear moving around. I said to Mark- do I say anything or just let them be and hope they fall asleep soon- yes, let them be he says. 11:00 our door opens up and in comes Halle all proud of herself "We just got done cleaning my room mom!"
    AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH - they did finally fall asleep and woke up promptly at 7:00 in the morning!

  6. Anonymous3:17 PM

    Awwwwww -- that sounds horrible. I remember doing the same thing to my mom. haha!

    Your books look SO GOOD! I have the fun job of picking out a new book to read tonight! Hurray! I love that!


  7. Yep...sounds like a sleepover.....girls will be girls. Next time put the Vicks on the bottom of their feet with socks...they wont cough at works for us....pretty good stuff....

    Your menu sounds really good too.

  8. Oooooohhhhh, poor you! I feel for you. I'm a girl who has gotta have sleep. The funny thing is, I remember being that age & staying up all night giggling. :)

  9. Ok ... my kids aren't quite old enough for sleepovers yet but I'm going to bookmark this post for when they are !! Note to self : install sound proof room before kids are old enough for sleep overs ! ha ha !!

    Maybe the next sleepover should be at one of the other girls' house ...

    Going to check out your menu plan now ...

  10. I feel so sorry for you , no sleep !!! UGH!!!
    Atleast the girls had fun ! I remember the days of sleepovers!
    Hope you have a good week :)

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  12. every night is a sleep over here -.-

    i love you sandra, i'm glad you survived!

  13. Oh, dear Sandra, it does sound much like our first sleepover. Our children (even the man child) get their first multi-person slumber party/sleepover party for their 10th birthday party. The first one we did I had decided that there would be no rules about sleep and bedtime, and we were staying in a guest house at one of my friends' (our house was TINY, and there was no way we could get 5 little girls and all of their things in one place for them to sleep) so they didn't even have to be all that quiet. I did tell them though, that once myself or any one of the girls fell asleep they had to bring the decibel level down to a gentle whisper. Needless to say, there was everything but slumbering going on at that party!!!!! I learned my lesson. From that day forward, whenever we had sleepovers, I make sure to tell the parents of the children that there will be a "reasonable" bedtime (generally dressed in jammies/teeth brushed by 10, and lights and movies out/off by 11, all quiet by midnight), and I ask them to convey that to the children before they come over. And I ask if their child is having problems sleeping (read into this please :)) if it is alright to call them. So the child knows ahead of time, that if they are coming here for a sleepover, that if they do not follow the rules (please understand I am not a drill sargeant, I was a little girl once too and remember the fun of giggling and playing with my girlfriends at sleepovers) their parents will be called. You know, I've NEVER had to call a parent that the child didn't ask me to call because they weren't feeling well, or they weren't able to sleep. The amazing thing is, these kids (who I know normally are in bed by 9 and have to be drug out of bed at 7 to get ready for school) don't fall asleep until midnight or after, and they are ALWAYS up by 6 when we have sleepovers! It always amazes me! :)

    Praying that you have caught up on your sleep and that you will see this as a learning opportunity, and next time will have some guidelines in place with the permission to call parents of children that are not following those works for me.

    Blessings dear one!!!!

  14. I need a nap just from reading about your night! And to think... that is my future now that I have TWO girls!!

    But I bet the girls have great memories from the Saturday night sleepover :)


  15. Oh Sandra what a night! I don't know how you didn't lose your patience as I surely would have! If there is a next time it should be at one of the other girls' house!

  16. Hi Sandra.Poor Mummy,is this what I have to look forward to??ugh..hope that the household is sleeping better..:)I hope that you like the Nicholas Sparks book Ireceived it for christmas..and the slow cooker book looks very interesting;=)Have a great day.

  17. Oh my heart aches for your inability to get rest! THAT IS THE WORST! It probably would have been a fabulous sleep over otherwise!!!

    As for the books, you are reading my absolute FAVORITE book! I love that one by Francine Rivers. It actually made me read Hosea in the bible just to compare and understand!

    My cousin gave it to me years ago...maybe i will get it out and re read!!!! THANKS!

  18. Redeeming Love is a great book, Sandra. Hard to read in some spots, but a truly great story.

    I think another sleepover is a great someone else's house! Don't you?

  19. I am amazed that I could live on little to no sleep in college, but now if I don;t get 8 hours, my hubby will BEG to be deployed! Hopefully, you will be able to relax and get some reading done.

  20. I am not a big fan of sleepovers either.And that sound like a really bad one. I would take a break until I had another one.
    That cookbook looks great.


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