Friday, January 11, 2008

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I think we're finally getting somewhere!

Jasmine slept good last night, she woke up twice I think and not even for very long, just to complain the first time that she was cold and the second time that she was hot.......yes my child is likes things to be even *snort*

She slept in until 9:30 am this morning, got up and took a shower and now she's playing computer games and feels a lot better. Her fever hasn't completely broken yet but it's not going above 101 and for that I'm being the only thing bugging her is the cough, but I think that's the least of our problems. I can handle anything but a fever and especially when it's high enough to make them delirious. The funny thing is that during her delirious state she still manages to yell at her brother though he's nowhere near her LOL

Anyway, thank you all for the comments and the thoughts and prayers, she's amazed that so many ladies she doesn't know have been asking about her and praying for her, she sends her love :)

One thing I'm truly thankful for as well is being able to talk to my family at times like these, there's something about your child being sick that makes you want to run home to your mom and dad, climb back into your old bed and let THEM deal with the problems. Unfortunately if I tried to do that, I would have to hop a couple planes or swim across the ocean and really, by the time I got halfway the child would be all better and wondering why their mother was drowning somewhere in the ocean (Yes, I can't swim...what can I do?)

But it's great to pick up the phone or get on the computer and have my brothers talking to me and calming me down when my eye is twitching or I'm pulling my hair out. It's great LOL

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But moving on from that......I finally finished "Redeeming Love", maybe I shouldn't say FINALLY it's not like it took me that long. You have to understand that this is a HUGE hardback book, 464 pages.......and it took me what? 3 days tops? I posted my review on my book blog, just click on the link above and it will take you right to the post.

Since I already have you clicking on links, I might as well have you click on this one for the Grandma Chiquinha's Orange Cake and go and check out the recipe. I made it yesterday, I think....wait I'm not sure, maybe it was the day before....I'm sorry all this non sleeping and sick kids thing has got me confused. Anyway, it's REALLY good, it's moist and orangy and oh sooo yummy. It's not exactly the one I used to make back in South Africa but it's good nonetheless.

For the past two days that Jasmine has been sick, Nicholas has had to keep himself entertained so this corner of the couch has become his personal property, he has his blanket and some of his toys and his video games. He misses his sister and asks about her constantly "what is she doing?", "is she still sleeping?" and "is Jasmine all better now?". He is dying for her to get better so they can play together again.

My trip to South Africa is moving along well and pretty soon I should have all our passports ready, now it's just the tickets left to buy and as soon as that is done, we'll start counting down the days. I'm beyond thrilled but then I don't think I need to say that again, I keep repeating it over and over.......sorry, I would tell you that it wouldn't happen again but chances are before I even close off this post I'll say it again LOL

I noticed that some of you had given me awards, I so appreciate them and I'm sorry I have been so slow in passing them, but I'm sure you understand how crazy things have been here.

Both Karen and Jeannene have passed on some wonderful awards to me and thank them both from the bottom of my heart, they're such amazing ladies and I'm glad to have met them through my blog.

I'm going to post all the awards and then I'm passing them on to every single person on my blogroll because obviously if you are on there it means I love your blogs and visit them've all made an impact in my life, one way or another, some of you are inspiring, some make me laugh so hard, others continuously teach me how to be a better wife and mother but most of all, you're all there, if I'm having a bad day or a good day, you're there to leave words of encouragement or to celebrate with me and for that I am so thankful and so truly blessed.



And with that my dear family and friends.......I'm off for the day. I am going to make the kids some lunch, then we're going to sit on the couch all cuddled up to read some books......once we've done that and they start watching their movie, I'll go do some housework and hopefully start in on my next book.

Nicholas Sparks "At First Sight". Can't wait.


  1. I just noticed your little bookshelf on the side. So cute!!
    I'm so happy to hear Miss Jasmine is getting better. Fevers are so scary for me too! My kids are the same. Sick or not their gonna fight! LOL!! I never get tired of hearing about your trip back home. I know how much it means to you. I just can't wait either LOL!
    Have a great weekend & Fell better Miss Jasmine!!

  2. I'm so glad Jasmine is doing better. Having sick kids is so hard! You'll like that Nicholas Sparks book too - another good one.

  3. I'm so happy that Jasmine is feeling better :D I was worried!

    Em's stomach flu didn't even last 24 hours, so we were lucky!

    Hugs from her Internet-Auntie Sherry! lol


  4. So glad that Jasmine is getting better. Lol, my Chatterbox was delirious with her fever over Christmas she kept pointing to unseen things in her room in a dramatic fashion, made me a bit nervous!

    I'll pop over and read your review now. Congratulations on your awards, you deserve them.

    Hugs and love.

    Sarah x

  5. im glad jasmine is better. i changed my blog again cuz my mil so you mate need change your sidebar ok.
    hugz tasha

  6. Yeah, swimming across the ocean ... even if you could swim ... might not be the best idea ! I know how you feel though ! My Mom is in Colorado and I'm in Australia. Sometimes it can be really really hard ! I've wanted to swim the ocean a few times too ...

  7. You are really getting hit with the "Joys Of Mom-hood - NOT" aren't you? Poor Mommy. And poor Jasmine. She's been 'doing the honors' of giving you *such fun.* And giving herself such *fun* too.


    Hope all is on the mend now.


  8. So glad she is feeling better!

  9. I'm going to miss you so much while you're on your trip! I wish you guys were coming here this year. We would all love to see you!

    Jasmine looks like she's feeling so much better than she was! Hopefully she'll be back at full capacity Monday so she can get back to school, I'm sure she misses it!!

    Poor Nicholas looks so lonely!! Tell him Sarah and Gabriel say hi, and Zachary and Joshua say hi to Jasmine, and Amaya says "who that?" to every picture she sees! :D

    What an exciting trip, I bet the kids will LOVE it as much as you! It's a great opportunity for them! Love you guys!!


  10. Hi, Sandra. I have read your last few posts and I am sorry to hear that Jasmine has been so sick. I am glad she is improving. I will remember her in my prayers. Hope she is all better soon.


  11. oh man,glad to hear she is much better...HOpe that darn fever leaves her quickly so she can get back to her normal self..
    praying for you all..
    take care Sandra..

  12. As melhoras e bom ano.

  13. I am glad Jasmine is doing a little better and I will keep praying for to get all better real soon.
    That cake looks scrumptious.
    And congratulations on the awards, you do have a great blog.
    I hope you have a good weekend, where some sleep is involved.

  14. I just love that song by Jordin it. Glad to hear the household is getting back to semi have been talking about Orange Cake and I have been wanting to make Dreamsicle Cookies.....we think alot alike you know?

  15. I'm so glad that Jasmine is feeling better! It's so hard when our kids are sick. Hugs to you both!

  16. Good Evening Sandra,
    I'm so glad that Jasmine is feeling much better. Sometimes the sleeping that they do, helps them alot. I know you are excited about your trip and it doesn't bother me with you talking about it. Hey, if I was going somewhere wonderful, I would be talking about it all the time. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.

  17. I bet you're relieved she's out of the woods and things will get back to normal.
    That cake makes my mouth water.


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