Saturday, January 5, 2008

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The ONE thing I hate about being a mother!

Let me start by saying that I LOVE being a parent and I love my children more than anything in this world.........BUT there is one thing that I absolutely hate about being a mother and that is when your child gets hurt, and if there's lots of blood involved it's even worse.

The sleepover had to be cancelled last night, it's been moved to tonight because Jasmine got hurt.

I'll tell you right now, if blood makes you woozy just skip over this part, go have a cup of coffee and join me afterwards ok???

So Jasmine was out yesterday afternoon with two of her friends, they were at one of their houses playing. I get a knock at the door and see both her friends looking really freaked out and I just KNEW that something had happened. I rush to the door and the girls are both talking really fast and all I hear is "Jasmine hurt.........lot of blood". That is NOT what you want to hear about your children.

I ask where and they point to the sidewalk and I'm thinking....Ok maybe she fell when they were running and cut herself or something, so I start walking towards the sidewalk and then I see my neighbor come running with Jasmine in her arms and blood everywhere. I'm not joking, I think my heart dropped to my feet and I just remember running towards them. Jasmine was crying and screaming and her shirt was full of blood. Avert your eyes if it freaks you out..........

I thank my neighbor, grab her from her arms and RUN home, push through the door and run to the kitchen with Jasmine. All I knew at this point is what the neighbor said....they were in her house playing and Jasmine slipped and hit her eye on the corner of the table. OH.MY.GOSH..........eye things just freak me out.
I have to say I remained calm through this all....I set her down on the counter near the sink because her clothes were full of blood, so were her legs and arms. She had her eyes closed and I asked her to open them for me, she did and THANK GOD it wasn't the actual eye but the corner that got hit.....she has a huge cut, pretty deep.

Anyway, between holding her and comforting her, I grabbed the phone and called Curt at work to come quickly.....poor Nicholas was in the background with his hands over his ears and almost in tears himself, all I could hear was him saying "I'm sad, Jasmine is my sister and she got hurt bad". :(

We all know how anything around the eye bleeds a lot, it has all those little vessels.....but it's still scary to see.

She didn't need stitches, again Thank the Lord....and she's doing fine now. But I tell you, the helpless feeling you get when you see your child in pain and hurt and knowing that there's nothing you can do for them when all you want is to take it all away, it's just overwhelming. Poor Curt rushed home from work, I had her in the bath tub to wash up all that blood and by the time he saw her it wasn't so bad but even he got tears in his eyes. She kept crying for daddy, she wanted her daddy.........not her mommy HMPPHHH LOL But that's another post LOL

Look at my poor baby.........she was on the phone with her best friend Bethany, telling her all about it. These girls love each other so much even though they're far....they actually exchanged eye pictures through email...LOL She had me email her the eye picture and the shirt full of blood and her friend sent back pictures of when she had a black eye LOL

Anyway............for those that didn't want to see this, you're safe to return. Yes you in the back there with the coffee mug in your hand, looking all pale and woozy, you can come in now LOL


So the sleepover is tonight, we're getting pizza, the girls are going to do each other's hair with the streak and style and beads and whatnot....they're also apparently going to play Dream Life and watch movies and all that fun sleepover stuff. My job is to supervise and to keep Nicholas entertained because I KNOW that within the first hour we will have him crying cause he wants to play too and Jasmine frustrated because "you need to leave us alone, get out of my room". The joys of sleepovers!

Oh Paul, if you're reading this, I took your advice and removed Vista from Jasmine's computer and installed Windows XP instead.......what a difference that makes.

The other day I was telling my brother Paul, who is a genius with computers btw, that we got Jasmine's computer in August and we hate it because it came preloaded with Windows Vista and it's sooooo slow, it's annoying to deal with, every little thing you try and do it asks you over and over "Are you sure?"........"But are you really sure you want to do that?"........"can I change your mind?" LOL

My brother suggested installing Windows XP and that it would make a huge difference and boy was he right, it's like a brand new computer that runs at turbo speed instead of turtle speed. I love it.


Here in a few minutes I'm heading to the Airman's Attic and to the library. I haven't been to an Airman's Attic since the one back in Idaho so I'm excited to see this one, I have some things to drop off and then just want to look through what they have.

The library, well, do I even need to say why I go there??? Nevermind the bookshelf that is full of books TBR (to be read) that is not the point. See those books I can read anytime, but the library has ones that I really really really want to read, like Francine Rivers. The wonderful Susanne keeps mentioning her and I have yet to read any of her books so I'm going to look for them this morning and hopefully find them there.

Then it's back home for some housework, here's my to do list:

  • Dust
  • Make the beds
  • Quick sweep through the house (I already swept and mopped everything yesterday)
  • Last load of laundry to wash, dry and put away

It's a short one today and I couldn't be happier, so I'm going to leave you and go do what I have to do.....I'm sure you also have things planned for today, unless you want to hang out at my blog which is fine too, I promise to leave some drinks and snacks around ok?


  1. YIKES. That was too close for comfort to her eye! Just looking at HOW close gave me the willies! Poor girl. (poor you)

    Have a good Saturday!

  2. Oh, poor baby! I'm so glad it wasn't more serious. She'll have a fine black eye to show off before very long.

    I've heard more horror stories about Vista. Windows XP is quite nice, thank you.

  3. Oh poor Jasmine - and poor you! Anything injury to the head always bleeds a lot, and of course it is made worse when it's your kid! Hope she has fun with the sleepover tonight. (and hope you survive!)

  4. I'm so glad that she turned out okay! I hope sh has a great sleepover tonight!

  5. Awww...your poor girl! How scary! I am so glad it wasn't her actual eye though that got hurt!!! **HUGS**

    I hope they have fun with the sleepover!!! :)

  6. Oh goodness! Poor thing. Your just like me so I can only imagine what was going on in your head. That is SO scary when your kids are hurt. I'm so thankful it wasn't alot worse. I hope she has a blast tonight with her sleepover. Sooo wish we were closer. No boys live around here or any his age in the family. Ty is always left out. Him & Nic would have a blast playing Ben10 together LOL!

  7. Having one of your children get hurt is the WORST! I'm so glad it wasn't more serious!

  8. Poor Poor Jasmine....God love her. And I'm so proud of you for not freaking out.

    I thought of you today. We went to the library and I checked out some cookbooks. I have never done this ....but had heard you have done it in the past....I got the Taste of Home Cookbook and 2 of Paula Deen's ...I cannot wait to look through them...

    I hope tonight goes by smooth...have fun. We are going to the Olive Garden for dinner...yummy!

  9. Oh I am so sorry that this had to happen. Random fate and all that.

    Yes, it's very terrible and most mothers can remember their own bloody horror story, from their children's childhood. -sigh-


  10. Yikes that is scary, so glad she is okay.


  11. You're right- it's terrible when your kids get hurt. Seeing them bleed and in pain is just horrible. I'm glad she didn't need stitches. Hope the sleepover makes up for it!

  12. Anonymous5:52 PM

    Oh no poor Jasmine...poor Sandra! I know how you feel I hate it when my babies are sick or injured makes me kind of ache inside. Good that she didn't need stitches though.

    I have a friend who LOVES Francine Rivers but I have yet to read one of her books, you'll have to let me know how you get on.

    Hugs to you and Jasmine (and the rest of your family of course :) ).

  13. Anonymous7:47 PM

    Oh man, that choked me up and made me cry :( I'm so glad it turned out ok!

    Em fell off a netted-in trampoline and hit her chin on a bolt that was sticking out a few years ago. Lots of blood. 6 stitches. Small scar. The. WORST. feeling. in. the. world.

    Blessings and hugs,


  14. Good Evening Sandra,
    Oh my gosh, I would have panicked had that been one of our girls and seen all the blood. I'm glad you remained calm tho. I thought it was going to be really bad too until you showed the "after" picture. It still looks bad tho. "PRAISE GOD" she didn't have to have stitches tho. I hate it when one of our girls gets hurt like that. Our oldest daughter got pushed down in school one year coming in from recess. I think she was in the 2nd or 3rd grade. They called me at home and I went to get her and it looked really bad. I took her to the doctor and they removed the rock and put a couple of stitches in there. Our youngest daughter this past Spring was playing Softball out of town while I was at our oldest daughter's softball game in another town and she got hit in the eye with the softball. When I got home and I seen it, it just made me sick to my stomach. I could have cried. Being the softy Momma I am, I let her stay home from school the next day so no one wouldn't make fun of her. It took her a couple of weeks to get over it. Oh, I know about them sleepovers. I let our oldest daughter have one one year as part of her Birthday party. There was like 10 girls including both of our own. To make a long story short, I won't do that again. LOL. It was after 3:00a.m. in the next morning before they would go to bed and I HAD to make them go to bed then. Also, hubby had to get up and go to work that next morning as well. I do hope that Jasmine has a good time tonight for her sleepover. I have heard alot of bad things about Windows Vista. I loved the Windows XP. Mine is a Windows ME. It's nearly 8 years old. Take care my friend and have a great evening. May God Bless You and Yours.

    Karen H.
    P.S. I will do the recipe next week. I hope I don't forget. You may have to remind me the day before.

  15. oh Sandra that would freak any parent out seeing all that blood on her shirt! How scary that was for everyone; I'm so glad it wasn't more serious and that she didn't need stitches! Hope the sleepover went well!

  16. Hi Sandra.
    I'm so glad that Jasmine is ok..and that Mummy is allright as well.hugs

  17. Oh man. I was gripping my chair, squirming as I read your story ! But I had to keep reading to make sure your little one was ok !

    Francine Rivers. Love her books ! The Atonement Child and Scartlet Thread are my favorites.

    What is the Airman's Attic ? I've never heard of that.

  18. I can sure see why you were so scared, Sandra. All that blood! The scariest part is that it's so close to her eye.

    Tonight's sleepover sounds like just what she needs. And you, too. I hope you all have a great time.

  19. Oh My !! Im glad she is okay, I have had something similiar happen to my daughter, its not fun .
    Hopefully the blood comes out of the shirt when you wash it !!

  20. Anonymous4:17 PM

    H Dear Sandra,
    Hope she is all better today. I will let you in on a secrect it doesn't get better. Brandy is 29 soon to be 30 and I still hate it when she is sick or hurt. I am dreading her going into labor soon. The thought of her in pain just kills me. I keep telling myself that is the cycle of life.
    It seems like cuts bleed the most.

  21. Hi Sandra, well here i am at the end of my christmas vacation. The kids and I go back to work and school. Let me tell you how much snow we had since the beginning of January. Between my pics, make sure you show Jasmine, Torey did her snow house for her fairy. Shari posted some winter pics as well so you can see how much snow we got i've had enough. woww i tell you what. Happy Jamine is ok the head area always bleeds so bad doesn't it. Hope you are all well and happy ttyl.

  22. Oooh, Poor Jasmine, and POOOOR Sandra! I don't like it when my sweethearts get hurt! Blood does not make me quesy, unless it is the blood of my children, then I just want to die! Thankfully, we've not had anything more serious than scrapes and bruises here for the past couple of years, but when r was 3 she was running through the house with her sister's recorder in her mouth playing "beautiful music :)" and she tripped and fell and started screaming and there was LOTS of blood, and she was gagging....I was certain that she had impaled the back of her throat. I grabbed the car keys, the cell phone and ordered the kids to get into the car, and we started off towards the children's hospital emergency room. R was checking on r's injury in the back of the van for me to make sure she wasn't still gagging on the blood and I got in touch with my pediatrician, and he told me to go ahead and bring her in to we switched directions, and found by the time we got there it had stopped bleeding, and what she had actually done was to scrape (and slightly cut) the soft palate at the very back of her mouth. I was so thankful, but from that day forward, the recorder is locked up unless the kiddos want to play it IN MY PRESENCE! I'm not taking chances anymore! :)

  23. I'm so glad she was o.k.

  24. That same thing happened to me when I was in the 5th grade. I was at a sleepover at my Bible class teacher's house. They took me back to my house where my dad made butterfly stitches out of bandaids. I had to beg, but they eventually let me go back to the party. While it looked really bad at the time, you can barely see it now!


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