Monday, December 15, 2014

Blogmas 2014 - Day 15 Christmas Decorations

Oooh time to see the decorations going on in everyone's home. I can't believe that I haven't had time to take any photos, so this morning I was quite glad that it was still dark and I couldn't get this post up until later, because it gave me time to actually snap some photos to share.

I have been all over the place lately, and as much as I'm looking forward to Christmas I can tell you, that I'm looking forward to it being done as well LOL I know, how scrooge of me?!?!?

Right let's get going with the decorations. I don't have any of the outside of the house, but I'll take one tonight when all the pretty lights are on and come update this post. :)

Do you have a cup of tea or coffee?  There are a LOT of photos, so sit back and enjoy.

Going up the stairs, I have a few Christmas plushies....I never quite know where to put them so the stairs is the perfect place.

Christmas 2014

I am quite obsessed with Snowmen and most of my decorations reflect that.  These are my favorite Christmas decorations.

Christmas 2014

Love this guy too...

Christmas 2014

Here's part of my Christmas Village....

Christmas 2014

Santa in the wagon, how adorable is that?

Christmas 2014

I just love the Christmas Villages, so cute.  I used to sit and think that I would love to be able to live in one, how cool would that be?

Christmas 2014

My Nativity set, breakable so I'm always freaking out whenever anyone goes near it.

Christmas 2014

I just absolutely LOVE my Christmas area.  The tree, the fireplace, the stockings, it makes me think warm and cozy.  My kids say it looks like the movies LOL

Christmas 2014

As you can see the presents have started appearing under the tree.  I know a lot of you wait until the 24th to place them under, but since I was a little girl, the presents would start appearing throughout the month and it was always one of my favorite things see them, to watch the pile grow, to see who they are for and then anxiously await the big night.

Christmas 2014

Another Snowman themed item.  This is a basket and I usually keep Poutporri in.

Christmas 2014

And just because I love them so much....they bring me so much joy I can't help but smile when I walk by.

Christmas 2014

And last but certainly not least, here are my Christmas aprons.  Love, love, love :)

Christmas 2014


iwillbloom said...

Oh my, your decorations are BEAUTIFUL! Love your plush snowman with the pale blue hat and your tree? Beautiful! So so lovely!

iwillbloom said...

Oh and I forgot to say! I'll definitely be making myself a Mrs. Santa apron for Christmas Eve/Day cooking!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!!

Tamy Bollar said...

Love your Christmas area - so pioneer looking and homey!

I am a Snowman fanatic too and can't wait for NEXT Christmas when all my decorations will be out of storage.

Carrie B. said...

I just love all of your decorations Sandra! That village is SO great!!
But your little corner with the wood stove, tree and train...your kiddos are correct it's right out of the movies! I could hang out in that corner all day. ;)

Liane said...

Oh wow! Your decorations are so beautiful! :)

The Smelly Lady said...

love your snowmen too, especially the blue ones

Amy at love made my home said...

Your tree and so on does look just like a film - in the very best possible and most wonderful way!!! I love it. You have beautiful decorations! xx

Angel Jem said...

The fireplace Does look like a film set! And how lovely are those snowmen?

anniehow said...

I LOVE snowmen too!! Loved all your decorations, and the Christmas area does look so warm and cozy. I'd share the chair with snowman :)

Rachel said...

Love your snowmen and your Christmas corner with your tree, stove and items. :)

Liz said...

Woohoo, I've been playing catch up and finally am all caught up.

You have such beautiful decorations and your Christmas area just looks like something out of a magazine.

The snowmen! How gorgeous!

Sarah H said...

Lovely. I'm so behind, I must post some pictures of our new home and decorations soon! xx

Barbara London said...

LOVE your Christmas decorations...your Christmas village...all of the snowmen! Such warmth and coziness in your home for the holidays! Thanks for sharing...JUST posted my 15th day post late last night!!

Dawn said...

Great decorations!

I had missed a few days this weekend so I combined 3 of them to one post, if you don't mind. That's the one I attached to this one. I'll now work on day 16 which will be separate.